Aesthetics meets functionality.

One cannot be without the other — they both need to complement and balance each other.


Marketing and graphic design

Graphic design is a vital element in marketing your business. No branding campaign will be successful without the aid of professional graphic designers. Our ability to reflect your company’s identity in a logo, as well as choosing the right colours and typography for your marketing materials, is essential to a successful branding campaign.

The Halo Effect

One of the principle ideas behind branding is called the “the halo effect”. Psychologist Edward Thorndike, writing in the early twentieth century, was the first to describe it. While studying people’s social interactions, he observed that when a person has a favourable first impression of someone else, they’re much more forgiving of that person’s flaws.

The same is true with businesses and brands. Impress your customers initially, and they’ll likely become loyal customers in the future.

This is how we imagine a halo effect would look like. Sort of.

More than just a logo.


Corporate identity

Logo design is not only about the icon or the word. It’s the first step that can and often will shine the way towards the rest of your marketing and your brand.

The purpose of branding is managing your company’s image. Customer satisfaction is essential in developing a quality brand, but your company logo represents that brand. When consumers see your logo, they should associate their happiness with your company. Quality logos make these connections and build relationships with consumers.

Branding and business rebranding

Developing a brand strategy is similar to developing a business strategy. The first step is determining your target market, to find out who you are and where you see yourself.

While a logo vitally important, a company logo is only a small part of an overall branding strategy. A comprehensive branding strategy creates a uniform style and voice for all your marketing materials.

Need a change? We can help you revamp and revitalise your business. Whether you neglected an initial branding campaign or your old brand is just boring and stale, it’s never too late to rebrand yourself and increase your sales.

General graphic design

We can help you with anything design. Going to an industry event? Thinking of doing a letterbox drop in your area? Or are you planning a full scale marketing campaign and require all types of printed and promotional materials? Our designers can cover most, if not all of your request.

  • Business cards, letterheads and other stationery
  • Flyers and brochures
  • Posters and banners
  • Packaging and labelling
  • Books and magazines
  • Exhibition and promotional material

Not just designing these materials, we can help with your printing needs as well. We have excellent contacts within the printing industry, and we can get great deals on everything from small-scale rush jobs to large-scale commercial projects.

Colour psychology

Some businesses need to build trust, while others need to build excitement. Often you hear theories such as that blue colour schemes are more suitable for law firms, while red colour schemes are more suitable for the entertainment industry. Well, may we respectfully disagree. While in some cases, such as information signage, colour does play an important role, in the real world, if everyone in an industry had the same colour scheme… we don’t need to keep going. Our advice — don’t be afraid to be different. But don’t try to be different just for the sake of it.

Web design

Website visitors spend, on average, less than 1 minute on a webpage. Read a little more about why good web design is important and where we can help.

Visitors spend even less time reading a marketing email, this is another service that we can provide — both from the design point of view and general consultation.

Design is not merely about what something looks like, it is about the blow to the psyche a person feels when she or she is confronted with a powerfully constructed message that comes through in everything they see, hear, feel, touch, or smell.

— Ed Gold (prof. School of Communications Design, University of Baltimore).