Pro-forma project for a local community organisation. Chabad of Bondi has spent the past 30 years working with the Russian-speaking Jewish Community in Sydney.

BEFORE: logo has existed and gradually developed since the 80s’

AFTER: a major leap forward, a fresh way to engage the community both young and old

There is no 1 colour and no 1 look. Works perfectly in both English and Russian, can be easily applied to any document or item.

Corporate pattern developed based on the logo and challah, the famous bread everyone loves.

Font variations provide further flexibility. Fluent in both languages.

Apparel branding at it’s finest.

Flexibility of the logo allows us to create wayfinding signage such as this.

Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull, always had close ties to the community.

Premier of New South Wales, Mike Baird with Rabbi Ulman.

Behind the scenes

It all starts with a sketch

This project has taken many twists and turns and here is a small snapshop.

First, we figured – let’s recycle the dove, but also give it a double meaning. This would also add some connection to the old logo. We did that and it was slowly heading in the right direction. However, this idea was rejected and we went back to the drawing board.

When we are redesigning / rebranding, we always try and find some connection in the old logo with the new. We didn’t find it in the dove, so instead we decided to look at the client’s very successful campaign F.R.E.E. Soup Kitchen.

But, the other big aspect we wanted to stand out — was the location of Chabad of Bondi, which is the world’s famous Bondi Beach!

So, we went ahead and took a bit of everything. We played with it for a while until we got something that we thought was perfect. So did the client — except that it was still missing something…

That must of been it. Approved!

We also did various mockups, like this building, which is just a suggested look for a future community centre.

Chabad of Bondi also known as F.R.E.E. “Friends of Refugees of Eastern Europe”. Located minutes away from Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach and in the centre of Sydney’s Jewish Community. Chabad of Bondi welcomes all Jewish Residents, Travelers and Visitors!

ClientChabad of Bondi synagogueServicesGraphic design, Corporate identityYear2015Linkwww.chabadofbondi.com