Australia's largest compounding-only pharmacy.

This was an academic assignment to re-design the corporate identity for Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals, Australia's largest compounding-only pharmacy. Working with a small team from UTS of designers, a professor, art director and company executives, below are the results after approximately 6 months of work. The brand is now getting implemented throughout the company and it's numerous marketing collateral.

After a little running around (see work in progress below), we came to a decision that this is it.
It’s always refreshing to look back at what you had and then again to where you are heading.
This is a simplified Branding Guideline, just to give users a snapshot of the brand, the colours, font and some of it’s usage.

At the opening night for the launch, we had a few posters put together to tell people the story behind the company and industry.

We created a few mockups for logo usage and also came up with something we call “responsive branding”. What this essentially means is that the logo, even though strict in some ways – can easily respond, or adapt to the surrounding environment, without actually altering the icon. Few examples of this can be seen above right.
Conferences and exhibitions is something that ACPHARM visits a lot. Previously, the banners were mainly colour and text. Very little images used, cluttered information, mixed messages. We had to reinvent the whole proccess, starting from the main message, the type of images used and the placing of both of those mediums so they are visible from far.

As you may have already picked up, the logo was based on the idea of a DNA. Of course this was not a random choice of an logo element either, you can read about it, if interested, in the intro section at the top. When multiple icon are places side by side – they connect, transforming into a DNA. Eventually it multiplies and becomes the ACPHARM corporate pattern.

First live trial at a doctor’s conference in Sydney.

First brochures printed.

Behind the scenes

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