Shtudio rate card.

Unlike many — we have no issues in displaying how much things may cost. Please note, our prices and policies may change at any time without notice. All prices are in AU$.

How projects are generally priced.

We take each project as an individual case study and price it accordingly. No one job is the same, although we do offer some startup packs for those who need things done quickly.

Below we have listed some of our services and what it would cost you per hour. Because of our often officeless* studio setup and some offshore developers & designers, our rates are highly competitive for the Australian market, with the results that speak for themselves.

Reach out at any time if you need a clearer guideline, or just fill in our quotation form.

*Officeless is like homeless, only without an office.

Web Developer: $65+/hour

Front end developers are the ones that will take a design mockup and make it work for the web. Back end developers work behind the scenes and are responsible for a lot of the functionality of what you see.Programmers also write code and help integrating various systems with each other. Developers are unique & mysterious beings, it's a skill in itself to find a way to effectively communicate with them.


Senior Developer: $95/hour

Senior does not represent age, nor the length of time they have been a developer. They know their strengths, they adapt quickly, they find patterns and more importantly, they find solutions — and not just write code. They always look at the bigger picture and would often recommend an alternative solution. And, they do not require supervision.


Graphic Designer: $65+/hour

Graphic designers are all about visual, but without the understanding of such elements as UX — aesthetics aren't enough. Our designers sometimes draw on paper and other times only stick to digital devices. There are no preferences and no rules. Rules only limit creativity (even though we feel the actual word "creative" has been overused by most).


Art Director: $95/hour

Someone needs to come up with a concept, to see the bigger picture and to pick on the small details, that others would often ignore. Yes, art directors can be annoying, obsessive, pushy and persuasive. But this is what will make your project stand out from the rest. It's the small things that count and an art director does just that — looks at the bigger picture, without missing the tiny details.


SEO & Digital Marketing: $490

No, it's not a typo and prices do start from just $490. That's exactly how much you will pay for a full month of Local SEO to get your business found around your local area. A process to get your website to be "SEO friendly" & a preliminary website audit also starts from just $890. You'll be provided with a keyword and competitor analysis, internal + external website audit, report + recommendations. This is essential prior to starting a full-fledged SEO campaign so that you are not blindly trying to rank, instead, you now have a competitive advantage and a clear goal in mind. There are no catches and we won't stalk you to get your work.


Consultation: $195/hour

This is where you talk and we listen. Then we talk and find solutions or provide recommendations. First consultation, in most cases, is free of charge. In fact, we only charge for consults on rare occasions and always happy to have a chat and brainstorm some ideas.

Don't be afraid to reach out, we are not lawyers (lawyer clients please don't take this as an offence) and won't send you a bill full of surprises.

How much to do a simple website?

One of the most common questions we get asked

Website prices in Sydney.

We try and cater to businesses of all sizes and we do our best to work with your budgets too. Our aim is to provide the best possible result for the allocated budget, where we can. Transparency here is of utmost importance, so when pricing out a project – we’ll generally provide you with a couple of price guides and then work our way towards reaching that perfection point.

Template website

Great for small or new businesses with low budgets
$590+depending on complexity and features
  • What is a template website and how does this work?
  • 1. We help you buy the right pre-made theme for your business.
  • 2. Together, we go through the theme and pick all the elements you need to suit your needs
  • 3. The theme gets customised and you get a great website, done quickly and on a low budget.


  • We have excellent systems in place
  • We make excellent use of our excellent systems to save us time and money
  • We have a hybrid team, both local and offshore
  • We can work at any location at any time
  • Because we know our sh//t.