When companies started with online marketing they had only websites available as internet tools and web designers spent all their time on developing interesting websites to let a business stand out amongst competitors. Nowadays, however, when marketers talk about differentiating services for success, they refer to much more than websites.

They still use websites, mostly to establish a specific brand, but blogs and social media posts are now two very important “vehicles” where businesses should stand out to be successful.

This article gives guidelines regarding service differentiation as one of the strategies to let a business stand out online.


One of the most important aspects for an online company to be successful is to have a specific branding which can be easily identified in all online platforms – websites, blogs, as well as social media.

Creative content

Apart from branding, content for marketing material must also be created in such a way that it differentiates the business’ services from competitors. In other words, when potential clients have identified the brand the content must tell them why the service will benefit them the best in comparison with services rendered by other businesses.

To ensure that the business development is constantly providing up-to-date online content that makes it stand out a strategic marketing plan should be in place. This plan aims to identify and utilise information that shows potential clients why the services offered by the business are the best for them.

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Emphasise issues which can be solved

Do some research to find out what the specific issues are that the services of the business will be able to rectify. Use this information in the content.

When a potential client searches for a service and finds a business describing the specific problem encountered and “guarantees” a solution with its services, the business has differentiated it from competitors with generalised descriptions and has gained a new client.

Use platforms correctly

A business stands out online if the content and design fit the platform. Apart from the business brand or logo which should be visible on whatever platform the client uses, the content will most probably differ from platform to platform. Although the basic message will remain the same, the information on the business blog will be different from the web pages on the website and definitely different from what is posted on social media.

Create dialogue with clients

To really make a business stand out online is to create mechanisms for online conversations with clients. Encourage clients to let the business know what other services are needed, and what their experience was with the service rendered. Also, offer an online crisis line and/or information desk.

In this way, the business finds out what new services are needed or how existing services should change.  But more important is that clients build relationships with the business which will lead to more requests for services in future. They will also tell friends and families about the friendly business delivering quality services.

Use understandable language

Some businesses use technical jargon to impress their potential clients. However, in most instances, clients found this boring. A business differentiating its services by using understandable “everyday” language stands out and has more success.

Other aspects to keep in mind to make a business stand out online

  •         Provide short and quality content about the available services.
  •         Simplified the ordering procedures.
  •         Introduce innovative and cost-effective delivery/installation methods.

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To have success with an online service-providing business, the business must stand out online and its services differentiated from competitors’ products. Read more about how we can assist with startup development.