It's best we talk about it.

We work from the ground up to understand your business objectives and provide tailor-made digital strategy with the help of our carefully chosen partnered agencies. Search Engine Optimisation is a highly personalised service, so expect to be hearing a lot from us during this process.


We start with a quick audit

The first step is to analyse your website for the most important SEO factors that are used by the major search engines. This generally picks up all the obvious errors and warnings. A further in-depth analysis will help us improve your website rankings & online visibility through meta SEO, social media, content management, usability and a lot more.

It's not all about content

Content is very important, but it's just a part of numerous other tools that will help boost your website's overall performance. We will cover some of those below.

We don't dress like that, but we do study reports.

Some of the things we recommend doing.

01. Usability audit

Your website is similar to an automobile requiring regular maintenance, such as an oil change, checking tire pressure and much more, required for safe daily functioning. Similarly, your website requires fixing of broken links, ensuring easy navigation and focusing on the weak points. These tasks are easily achievable with a usability audit.

Today, usability audit is the simplest and most affordable way of increasing sales, collecting leads and generally determining the overall performance of your website.

Our team of experts will review your website and provide recommendations and suggestions on how to increase the conversion rate and lower the bounce rate. Usability audit does not necessarily mean revamping the complete website design. It is more about improving the user’s experience and overhauling the website for proper functioning.

02. SEO Audit

We report SEO mistakes and provide you with potential reasons as to why you aren’t performing as well as you could.

Customers are slowly drifting towards digital sources and spend a lot of time on resources such as Facebook and Twitter. We study and analyse your marketing mix to foster brand awareness. Apart from focusing on social media platforms, we provide a complimentary website optimisation test and check the inbound links, Meta tags, ALT tags and content to ensure everything is in the right place. We develop online solutions helping our clients to achieve their marketing goals.


03. Contextual Advertising and why you should focus on it.

Contextual advertising is slowly gaining popularity as an effective internet promotion tool. In this type of advertising, ads are shown to the visitors browsing the web based upon their interests. The main reason why contextual advertising is gaining popularity is its capability to drive targeted traffic to your website, your social media page or your online ad. You get in touch with mainly genuine customers and save a lot of your advertising budget.

Use of contextual advertising:

  • Builds a user base of interested visitors
  • Enhances the sale
  • Helps tracking conversion and click rate
  • Helps in adjusting personal settings

04. Website promotion — an essential tool

More and more websites are witnessing a see-saw result in their search engine ranking, which leaves the owners wondering whether website promotion is truly a winning strategy. Today, SEO is an important tool aimed towards optimisation to increase popularity and remain in the top position of the search engines as Google and Bing. Without the top ranking, your business is more likely to take a backseat because taking precedence over the competitors becomes a daunting task. Website promotion or SEO is one of the most reasonable and effective ways of promoting your online business.

Promoting your website in social networks.

With more than 1.59 billion active monthly Facebook users, today social networking websites have become a hub for both marketers and customers. Engage your followers, friends and loyal fans through a combination of paid and search media.

Managing social media pages is an art in itself, which requires educated and skilled people as it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Our talented workforce will allow your brand to reach your target audience through multiple social media channels and create a robust marketing platform.

05. Content writing

Good content is just as important as good design. We work with excellent content writers that can write a story about any given topic. Whether you need to grow your blog or your website requires content — we can help.