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Shtudio is a multifaceted web development & graphic design studio, based around Sydney, Australia. We are an extension of your in-house marketing or design team, working alongside on projects you don’t have the resources of achieving on your own. Genuinely helping our customers is the reason why 80% of new customers are acquired through referrals.

Always deliver what we promise and never promise what we cannot deliver. We take a holistic design approach, where specialists in web design & development, graphic design and digital marketing incorporate all aspects of the ecosystem in which a product is used with results that go beyond just problem-solving.

Shtudio creates logos, designs websites, business stationery, flyers, exhibition banners and loves web development of any complexity. We help you buy the right domain name, organise web & email hosting and provide ongoing support. Printing at very competitive rates can also be arranged.

Our diversified portfolio spans across multiple industries, including building & construction, pharmaceuticals, environmental, transport plus many others.

Our team consists of specialists that really do know their sh*t, so if you are a startup or small business — you will love it. We can help you achieve your goals by working with other designers and developers to make sure everything is done right and within budget.

Our ever-expanding team

We take great pride in our team. The simple hire process goes something like this: can you do this better than us? Then you are welcome at Shtudio. If you are also interested in working with us – please get in touch.

Alex V.

Founder & Managing Director

Radion S.

Digital Strategy Consultant

Eugene S.

Principal Product Designer

Dima N.

Project Manager

Amir N.

Customer Success

Julius E.

Marketing Assistant

Victoria B.

Quality Assurance

Alex L.

Strategic Partner

Vladimir D.

Senior Developer

Kate S.

SEM Specialist

Madina M.

Account Manager (Marketing)

Maria P.

SMM Specialist


Where the magic happens. Behind the scenes, we have a wide range of specialists in Design, Development and Marketing.

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Local service with offshore prices

How much do we charge?

This is one of the first questions clients ask. We'll save you a bit of time and let you get an idea of our rates.


A short history of Shtudio

Why the name “Shtudio”? — this should explain it.

Version 1 (2008) — before our time.

Version 2 (2013) — the rebrand.

Version 3 — you are on it.


Yes, in fact majority of our websites are created in WordPress. We also specialise in Magento, Symphony 2, OpenCart, ASP.NET MVC and other custom solutions.

Website vulnerability is a big issue nowadays and there are various ways to approach it. Depending on the CMS your website has, we can provide you a number of solutions. We’ve also partnered up with SUCURI, providing you with extra security such as a firewall.

Generally — no, but it would really depend on your website, how it was built, how much content you have and so on.

Sometimes it’s cheaper to just build a new one. And we would always give you the choice, simply because often than not, it’s only a little bit more to invest and you got yourself a brand new, modern website.

Making an old website mobile-friendly won’t give you a modern website, you’ll just get an old website that now works better on all the devices. But asking doesn’t cost a thing, so go ahead and send us the link!

Great, you are half way there already! Not all ideas would “work” for a logo, but that’s where we come in. Send us your sketch or brief and we’ll give you some feedback.

We have experts in various types of logos, from flowing hand-crafted fonts to precise geometry that would blow your mind.

Often than not — it’s your host. Some popular hosting companies give you a lot of options and only charge very little. What they don’t tell you, however, is that your website is sharing a server with another 50 or so such websites. What that means is that in peak time, when a lot of people are browsing those websites, the server gets overloaded and your website slows down.

The other thing is your website could have bad code, too many plugins, hacked code, etc.

Hosting test, in most cases, we can do free of charge. The other issues — we tackle one at a time.

Slow websites get penalised by Google, so treat this issue seriously.

Something we’ve learned over years of working in-house for companies with little or no team to back us up. We work with specialists. Specialists are then working on your specific projects. We have teams that only work on SEO, or developers that would not come near an ASP website, but can fix anything on a PHP site. Logo designers that wouldn’t have a clue on how to design a website and website designers that don’t know the difference between CMYK or RGB.

And our other asset is our project managers that know a little about it all and can deal with specialist and clients to get it all done right.

A project is as big and as small as you want it to be. If it’s a small fix – we could even do it for free. However for bigger projects, a cost would in most cases depend on it’s complexity and your desired level of investment.

The good news is that our initial consult is free and we’ll offer help where we can. Sometimes, this could even mean you walk away with a lot of ideas and DIY tools, leaving us all alone, but satisfied that we could help in some way. Don’t be afraid to ask, it’s easier than making mistakes that will end up costing you time and money.