Usually, a web developer can remove bugs and defects during or after a software development process. This includes the removal of bugs occurring in web development. However, removing any bug or defect takes time. Therefore it is much more efficient to eliminate them from the beginning and during the whole development process.

A web designing team can ensure that bugs don’t occur during the development process and if defects are discovered, rectify them immediately. Let’s look at some strategies and practices that can be followed to achieve this.

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Basic strategies to prevent bugs in web development.

Experienced web developers follow effective strategies and apply basic practices to prevent bugs. These strategies and practices include the following:

  •         Set standards for creating clean code and keep it simple.
  •         Inform the whole team about all the requirements for the software/web.
  •         Keep to automatic testing cycles.

More advanced strategies and practices

The more time is spent on getting the right effective strategies in place before the actual development of the web starts, the fewer bugs will occur in the final product.

Test-Driven Development

Usually, an established website development company follows a test-driven development strategy.  The aim is to determine the exact functionalities of the software/web and then create the needed operations. With this strategy, tests are written before the development of the software/web itself. 

By testing the product frequently during the development process, the developers can detect bugs and defects in time, remove them and prevent them from occurring again.

Continuous integration

With continuous integration and automated testing cycles, fewer bugs will occur in the final product.

Divide code in files

By modularising code into different and separate files the developer creates the opportunity for testing each part of the code individually. This method also prompts the developer to keep everything simple.

Don’t use unnecessary comments

Code comments should not be used to solve poor readability of code. Well-organised development teams keep their code comments as concise and clear as possible. They use them only when absolutely necessary.

Reuse tested code

One of the many useful web development services available is to use existing libraries to find code if a function code has to be replicated. Usually, these codes are tested and are without bugs. Code previously tested by the developer can also be used because it is guaranteed to be bug-free. This procedure also saves time and testing effort.

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There exist many effective strategies and services for web development that can be utilised to prevent bugs in web development. Any established web development company in Australia should be able to deliver bug-free software/webs.

Such a company will plan and ensure that they have detailed specifications of what is wanted to be achieved by the software/web. With this detail, their development team will create a web without bugs and defects.