A web developer Sydney who has to create websites for businesses in this very competitive city must have experience in developing tailored websites. It is often said that Sydney website development agencies are forerunners when it comes to designing this type of website.

Because some business owners are often not directly and frequently involved in website development they don’t always understand what a tailored site is and what the benefits are. This article provides some information by defining the term and indicates some benefits of a customised site.


In short, a customised, tailored or bespoke website is designed and built for a specific company, product or service. Every element is carefully chosen and used to represent the unique spirit and “feeling” of the company and/or its merchandise. Because of its uniqueness, it stands out among competitors. This is an important marketing aspect in a city such as Sydney.

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Important reasons why a business in Sydney should have it, include the following:

  1. Because every part of the site has been developed uniquely to suit the image of the business, there will be no other similar online web. Usually, the distinctive look of it will already draw the attention of more visitors and potential clients.
  2. Belief in the brand is enhanced in the targeted market. Unconsciously, potential clients conclude that if a business’ web development produces a site that looks so professional and unique, the brand should be of the same standard. The result is that more visitors are converted to consumers.
  3. With a customised site, interesting and unique ways to communicate with consumers can be created. It can be different from all competitors’ interactive methods to boost marketing. A web developer can make interaction between the visitor and the business easy and enticing.
  4. The experience a visitor has when reaching a website for the first time influences the decision to visit it again. Tailored sites give developers many options for how to convert casual visitors to frequent visitors and ultimately to users.

Strategic decision

Reason for deciding to develop a customised web is, as indicated above, to focus on specific aspects of the company, build the brand and address what the target audience needs in a better way than competitors. However, it needs a strategic decision by management to move away from the “traditional” website style to something new and unique. But keep in mind that marketing researchers believe that very soon websites which are not tailored will lose their ability to attract visitors.

Influence on SEO

Bespoke sites provide a great possibility to include location-based keywords. “General” websites’ keywords and phrases tend to be vague and meant for a broader target audience. With a Sydney customised site typical Sydney aspects and references can be used to let the Sydney visitor feel welcome in the city.

Last word

The main reason for developing a tailored website is to focus on specific aspects of the company, build the brand and address what the target audience needs in a better way than competitors to enhance business growth.