It is impossible to provide an “Ultimate” guide in one short blog, but information regarding important trends which are expected to influence SEO strategies in 2024 should be shared. Web developers can add new information to the guides they are already using.

This article briefly discusses three of the most important trends web specialists foreseen for next year. (Although the article uses Sydney as an example the same principles are applicable anywhere in the “online” world.)

SEO and strategy

For business people who are not daily involved with SEO, it is good to have a quick look at the “definitions” of both.

Search Engine Optimisation refers to the use of web elements to make the site search engine-friendly and, thus, as visible as possible.

The planning of how to do this is called the SEO strategy. In other words, the ultimate goal of strategies for search engine optimisation Sydney, for instance, is to enhance the visibility of a website.

search engine optimisation

Trends for 2024 to be noted by Sydney optimisation specialists

In principle, basic strategies for Sydney search engine optimisation will stay the same next year but three exciting new trends should be integrated into every strategy.

Some of the most important aspects going to influence search engine optimisation marketing Sydney in 2024 are, according to many SEO experts, the following:

  1. The more frequent use of mobile devices by clients and website visitors.
  2. The popularity of the use of voice when communicating with devices.
  3. The greater use of AI into SEO strategies

1. Influence of the frequent use of mobile devices

Search engines put mobile-friendly websites very high on their search lists. Therefore, to ensure top rankings, businesses should design their sites as if for mobile devices. Good-ranking mobile sites also rank high for all devices. It is called “mobile-first indexing”.

2. Popularity of the use of voice when communicating with devices

Online searches by voice are becoming very popular and will continue to expand in 2024. A website will have to be designed to be reached via natural voice. The content and keywords must match natural language. and answers given should be as short as possible.

3. The greater use of AI in SEO strategies

Next year AI will play an increasing role with AI algorithms to interpret content. Website content should therefore be optimised accordingly. With the correct use of AI in SEO strategies, the website’s performance can be enhanced.

Last word

While different guides explain the basics, it has to be remembered that circumstances in the marketplace are changing continuously. Web developers must keep up with new trends and incorporate them into their designs. The trends discussed in this article will play an important role in 2004 SEO strategies