Niche expertise in SEO is important for a business to help establish its website as a trustworthy source. Sites which are regarded by Google and other search engines as sources with expert content get high rankings. A high ranking ensures that the website is always visible when relevant information and products are looked for online.

This article focuses on aspects of how to build niche expertise and how search engine optimisation companies integrate it into their designs.

Difference between general and specialised expertise in SEO

Before these aspects are discussed it must be determined how niche expertise differs from general SEO. In principle, the difference is that niche SEO optimises a business’ website for a specific section of the market. A good example of the difference can be found in the hospitality industry in Sydney.

With general SEO marketing Sydney, the keywords and content on the website of a business promoting various types of holiday accommodation are directed to all tourists who visit the city and look for any type of holiday accommodation.

With niche search engine optimisation Sydney, the website of a business specialising in expensive beachfront holiday apartments will only include the keywords and content relevant to that market segment. As a result, the site competes with fewer websites for high search engine ranking.

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Correctly used, niche expertise in SEO entices the target audience to regard the business/person using the website as the authority on a specific topic/merchandise. For an SEO agency in Sydney, for instance, to develop a website for a client serving only a specific market it has to address at least the following aspects:

Gathering information

The first step for all search engine optimisation companies that develop websites for specific audiences and/or products is to ensure that they have as much detail as possible about the service/merchandise offered by the business. The smaller the field of operation, the easier the website can be optimised because only very specific keywords are used.

Also knowing what the business is not providing is important. It makes it possible for the agency to leave out words that are not applicable.

Research and create keywords

The next step is to research the characteristics of the target market. Information on at least the following aspects is needed:

  1. Gender
  2. Age group
  3. Income bracket
  4. Occupation
  5. Education level

This information helps the web developer find the typical “language” the target market uses. Sometimes the keywords and phrases must be very formal and at other times they must include slang as well.

Another important research is to determine what competitors’ websites are offering and what keywords they most probably use. This enables the developer to use words and phrases which will distinguish the website from the competitors’ sites.

Create content

The content must “speak” to the target market in the way the targeted people normally converse and words known to the target market must be used.

Last word

Niche Expertise is a much-specialised field and a niche business must ensure that the web developer it uses is up-to-date with the newest techniques.