Statistics indicate that the growth of social media users is exceeding 4% per year. This is something digital marketers and web developers have to take notice of. The execution of a strategy to enhance Sydney search engine optimisation, for instance, will only be successful if it includes social media links to the website. Every established SEO agency in Sydney usually informs its clients why this sometimes forgotten excellent tool is so important.

This article discusses the importance of link-building for website design and indicates why and how social media should be an integral part of it.

Inbound links endorse a company

Inbound links’ main benefit is that it endorses a brand. Quality social media links indicate that a company is credible and an authority on the products/services in the niche. Social media links ensure that the website’s information is noticed by the correct target audience. These links bring a broader audience to the website because it has a positive impact on SEO.

The target audience and how to reach them

The company can reach the following groups of people if it has a well-planned social media link-building strategy:

Micro-influencers with their followers

Via influencers, the audiences a business wants to reach can be extended even more. As an example, SEO marketing Sydney will include the followers of influencers the company is partnered with. Research has shown that it is better to partner with micro-influencers rather than macro-influencers. With micro-influencers, the company’s brand can be better visible.

Bloggers and their audiences

It is also good to build relationships with bloggers whose blogs are usually read by people the company wants to reach. Arrange ways to include the business with bloggers, such as guest posting and brand mentions. Some bloggers will even allow relevant links to the business in their blogs.

Journalists and their readers

Journalists successfully use social media. A company can enhance its link-building by including journalists writing about matters relevant to the business. Exchange newsworthy information for links to the business’ website when they use content provided by the business.

Want to go viral?

To reach a wider audience, social media must go viral with information regarding the business. For content to go viral, a company’s marketing team must remember the following:

  • Target specific audiences.
  • Focus on concise content with a link to the website for more detail.
  • Connect at an emotional level with the audience – everyone in the target group must feel the business is talking to him/her personally and expect the news to be spread.
  • Target young people because they like to share.
  • Maintain real-time activities to keep social media discussions alive. Live discussions result in more shares and, thus, more links to the business’ website.


If Sydney web developers fully explore and implement social media link-building, search engine optimisation Sydney will be enhanced.