Some business owners don’t understand why they still need to develop their websites if their businesses already have one. Many owners also confuse this with programming.

To assist in demystifying web development services, this article starts by briefly discussing maintaining versus programming. Specific aspects will then be looked at explaining reasons why sites should be developed continuously.

Website Development Services versus programming


Any website development company is, in short, involved with the whole process of creating and maintaining websites.

These services include designing, creating and maintaining. These companies are equipped to combine programming languages and frameworks. They use different tools for website enhancement.

Web programming

Programmers are involved with front- or back-end coding of a site. With the codes they write, they ensure that data inputs are handled effectively and they also create content. Usually, a programmer doesn’t get involved with other web aspects. They are, however, experts in troubleshooting bugs and building specialised sections.

The importance of site maintenance services on existing ones

Web development is an important vehicle to let a business stand out from less tech-savvy competitors. This can also enhance the branding of products.
Because development keeps a site up-to-date it makes it interesting for existing and new visitors. Clients never perceive the company’s information as outdated.

Another important aspect is that companies’ sites must always use the most up-to-date technology to make navigation easy for visitors. This makes it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for.

website development


Because of the importance of this aspect, owners need to know what the basics are that should be offered by companies to maintain their existing sites.

The original site plan must regularly be checked

Every maintenance project starts with a plan but the plan must regularly be looked at to determine whether it is still in line with the business’ goals. The following have to be researched and incorporated into the plan when needed:

  • Goal – Still the same or have there been any changes?
  • Expected audience – Any changes since?
  • Type (online store, informational, members’ platforms, etc.).

An updated plan must lead to an updated blueprint and sitemap

The sitemap provides a developer with information needed to meet the business vision. (Compare it to a business plan that gives investors insight into the business.)

When the sitemap changes, the blueprint (plan-visualisation) must also be changed because it indicates, amongst other things, where text, as well as images, have to be placed to make the site as easy as possible to use.

Developers must then make the needed changes in code structure

Every time changes have been made to the plan or blueprint the development company accommodates them as soon as possible.


There is nothing “mystifying” about this aspect. Businesses use these services to keep their sites enticing to visit.