In the last decade search engines have become more and more sophisticated. In the beginning, the presence of keywords was enough for the search engines. But since about 2010, search engines began to put more emphasis on the quality of a website’s content. This led to the development of AI SEO tools to assist with moving to quality content.

Early AI SEO Tools and the History to become quality Content Enhancers

The early AI SEO tools often led to a decrease in website rankings and caused poor user experience. Unfortunately, many of these older AI SEO tools were not moving to quality control but actually hampered website optimisation. They were often inaccurate and led to incorrect keyword optimisation.

AI SEO Tools: Quality Content

In the 2010,s, however, technology companies began to recognise the potential of artificial intelligence to help optimise SEO strategies. From the 2010,s AI SEO tools started to become popular.

The very first AI SEO tool, the IBM Watson Analytics for Content, was released in 2015. Its purpose was to help website owners understand their content performance. This first AI SEO tool already assisted to move to quality content. It was used around the world and also by SEO agencies in Australia.

AI SEO Tools, SEO in Sydney and further Developments

The IBM Watson Analytics tool was followed by a number of other AI SEO tools. The well-known ones included

  1. DeepCrawl,
  2. SEMrush,
  3. Mox Pro, and
  4. BrighEdge.

These tools assisted website owners in accurately optimising their content and they were used for SEO in Sydney as well.

One of the first AI SEO tools for moving to quality content that gained widespread adoption was MarketMuse. Many SEO agencies in Australia are still using this tool. It provides insights into the depth and breadth of a website’s content and indicates where the content should be improved.

Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure are all AI SEO tools available today to assist website owners in moving to quality content.

Machine Learning and AI SEO Tools moving to Quality Control

Nowadays, more and more SEO tools are incorporating machine learning capabilities. In machine learning, an algorithm is trained on a data set which makes predictions without being specifically programmed to perform the task.

In SEO, machine learning algorithms are being used to analyse large sets of data.  This helps search engines improve the relevance and accuracy of their search results. It is, however, important to remember that the use of machine learning in SEO is still in its baby shoes.

Last Word on AI SEO Tools

AI SEO tools have made a shift from simple keyword optimization to the incorporation of advanced machine learning capabilities. To implement the newest AI SEO tools for moving to quality control, website owners should contact SEO agencies that are using AI SEO tools to help their clients. They will provide advice and assistance. If you are in Australia there are excellent agencies, such as Shtudio in Sydney to assist you.