Some people naturally assume that the terms landing page and homepage are interchangeable, but that isn’t so.

Whilst it may not seem overly important to make any big distinction, one of them is actually far more powerful at converting your site traffic. And with any kind of SEO and marketing effort, knowing the difference is huge!

So what is the difference between a landing page and a homepage?

The Difference between Landing Page and Homepage

A landing page and a homepage are designed with different aims in mind, making them fundamentally different.

Landing Page and Homepage

Landing pages are marketing-orientated. The goal is to send a clear message that leads visitors towards the call to action (CTA), whether that’s sales, sign-ups, leads or otherwise. Landing pages are normally tied to a particular marketing campaign where they are entirely focused on converting the visitor.

Homepages are discovery-orientated. The goal is to introduce the big pillars of your business like brand values and key offerings, as well as general information that is helpful to potential customers. Homepages aim to make a great first impression that will encourage a visitor to delve deeper into your site

Which is better? It’s not really that one is categorically better than the other, but rather that they provide very separate value to your business. A homepage directs your site traffic whilst a landing page converts it. You obviously need both, but it’s really the landing page that you can do more with overall.

Why do Landing Pages convert?

Landing pages are so effective for your marketing strategy because they are so focused, which is in stark contrast to homepages. A landing page has:

  • A clear message and/or a CTA
  • No distractions or superfluous information
  • A customized design based on a particular campaign
  • Audience-targeted Content

All of these elements combine to create an engaging experience for your customer.

A homepage has to make a very broad introduction to as many visitors as possible, which can make the language rather generic and the overall essence of the page quite flat.

On the other hand, your landing pages can pinpoint a particular want or need, streamlining the sales funnel. Typically, it is the users that have previously expressed an interest in your product or service that will benefit most from your landing pages. The more customized the content feels, the more persuasive it becomes.

Many variants of one landing page can be created in order to provide audience-targeted content that feels even more compelling to potential customers. Specific information gives your visitors clear expectations, which is vastly more likely to convert them.

How to make the Best Landing Pages

Landing pages don’t get their conversion power from thin air. There is quite a lot to consider when creating compelling marketing material, but here are the basic elements that are always part of a successful landing page:

  1. A Single Aim

The primary reason why landing pages work is that they only provide the information that’s valuable to the customer. If you overcrowd your landing pages, you dilute your sales message. Landing pages are all about momentum and precision. Lead with an attractive call to action (CTA) and speak clearly to your audience.

  1. No Distraction

If you begin to include extra information in your landing page, they’ll start to resemble a homepage. It slows things down and weakens the pull of your CTA. It’s important not to have conflicting CTAs, unnecessary links or any pointless information. All of the things that make a homepage great also make a landing page stink.

  1. Customised Feel

The reason that landing pages are conversion goal is because you can heavily customize them to the individual visitor. Matching your landing pages to specific adverts, emails or social media posts helps you communicate more accurately. You tailor the information and maximize the return on the interest they’ve already shown in your product, whether that was through an advert, email, or social media post.

Get More Conversions Using Landing Pages

When you understand the key differences between landing pages and homepages, it’s much easier to understand how best to utilise them.

Landing pages showcase your offerings, providing your visitors with the information they want and no distractions. This kind of clarity and relevance is required for any effective SEO and marketing strategy.

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