For decades already, online searches have been used to find information, purchase products or contact companies. People traditionally search online by typing what they need into their Wi-Fi-connected devices such as laptops and smartphones. The developing technique regarding voice searching, however, can change the scenario. Companies have to be prepared to utilise the technique. If they are not prepared for voice search they will over time lose a section of their clients.

Use an SEO Agency which understands Voice Search Techniques

The most important thing for a business to do in preparation for voice search is to contact as soon as possible an SEO agency that understands this new development. Many consumers have already begun using voice search and companies will lose out if they don’t prepare for the future of voice search.

Google Voice Search

According to recent surveys, more than 70% of consumers worldwide would prefer to use a voice search query if they have access to it. Local surveys have shown that this is also more or less the percentage in Sydney.

Why do Businesses have to prepare for future Voice Searches?

There are lots of advertising opportunities with voice search. More and more devices such as Google Home and Amazon Echo are being used in homes. Your business should prepare to handle transactions through voice assistants on smart home devices.

Because voice search possibilities are continuing to grow, the number of voice search users will continue to increase. The question is now what businesses can do to keep their website and information on all the search devices and programmers such as Siri, Alexa, and Cortana to keep and attract the increasing number of voice-only searchers as their customers.

How Businesses Owners can start to prepare for the future of Voice Search

  1. Use an SEO agency which is becoming known as a forerunner in the field of voice search. There are SEO Sydney agencies, such as Shtudo which businesses can use. A practical way to determine to what extent the SEO agency is equipped to prepare a business for the future of voice search is to contact them via a voice search.
  2. Start to create conversational content because voice search lends itself to dialogue. Instead of short searching keywords, use full phrases and questions that are normally used in “human” conversations.
  3. Develop a brand voice. Companies should start thinking of not only how they look, but also how they sound to the consumer.
  4. Start preparing voice answers which are not lengthy. With voice search, the consumer can’t scan back as with written text and thus, the voice answer must provide all the necessary content in the shortest time possible. Good formulation of the voice answer is essential.

Last Word on the Future of Voice Search

Nobody involved with web design and online marketing can deny anymore that voice search is the future. To be part of all the marketing possibilities, businesses should start to prepare for the future of voice search.