Web design evolves with technological progress and introduces fresh concepts continuously. Reliable designers should be up to date with the development of new ideas in the field and be able to provide the newest technology and innovative aspects to their clients.

To help business owners verify whether their developers are implementing the newest technology this article explores four important new tendencies.

1. Minimalism

For businesses whose sites are usually viewed on mobile devices the introduction of minimalism is essential.

  • By implementing the principles of minimalism and simplicity, developers make interfaces simple with clean aesthetics. (According to the simplicity approach, all unnecessary things are removed and minimalism inspires people to intentionally only include essentials.)
  • This declutters interfaces and makes it easy for online visitors to read the information on the screens of their devices. When information is aimed at potential customers with mobile appliances such as mobile phones, this simplification of the interface provides sufficient screen space to easily read, write or click on it.
  • Another effect of minimalism is the expediting of loading times. This results from the simplified layouts where the developers have reduced on-page elements.
  • With minimalism, a balance between a limited colour palette and typography is found. By using only essential elements on the interface, the brand identity is enhanced.website design sketch

2. Increased security

Because cyber threads in different forms are attacking online data more and more, designers should be aware of and include the latest security techniques and paradigms.

  • The idea is to expand biometric authentication and include other advanced verification. Businesses must ensure that their site designer includes the most updated tools to strengthen the defences of data.
  • Another new aspect being utilised by some agencies is the potential of blockchain technology. IT experts foresee that blockchain technology will revolutionise IT security.
  • Machine learning algorithms are also a new way to enhance online security. It is believed that machine-learning algorithms will play a very important role in enhancing security in the IT field in the future.

3. Apply artificial intelligence (AI)

Businesses should ensure that their web designers understand and integrate AI and machine learning in their work. This integration creates tailor-made experiences for customers and online visitors.

  • Because AI technologies automate tasks, designers don’t have to waste time on repetitive activities like content creation, prototyping, and image tagging and focus on advanced creative and strategic aspects of web design.
  • The AI-based approach enables businesses to forecast the behaviour of potential online visitors and customers and launch effective marketing campaigns online.
  • The development of machine learning-empowered chatbots is a great part of the inclusion of AI more and more.

4. Increased voice search

IT researchers calculate that 8.4 billion voice assistants will be active in 2024. They also foresee that voice recognition and search will soon be essential aspects of information sharing online.

Voice recognition technology eliminates the necessity for the typing routine. It will make information available for people with disabilities and will also make the use of the sites easier for people encountering challenges when using keyboards or touch screens.

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