Many online merchants regard Google Shopping as the online platform that stands out above other platforms. This platform has revolutionised online trading and businesses optimising their presence here, reap the benefits of getting many visitors and customers. Most likely it’s because Google capitalises on the fact that they “own” the search and can prioritise the space by showing products for sale from Merchant, above all others. So theoretically, it would be silly not to take advantage of that, especially when getting your products on there is free.

This article will help users to understand how SEO on Google Shopping works.

A short background

This online platform started in 2002 under a completely different name – Froogle. It was an online service that helped people to search for products and compare features and prices. People could advertise their merchandise free of charge on Froogle.

In 2007, there was a name change and in 2012 it was finally renamed to Google Shopping. People had to pay to have their commodities accommodated on the platform.

When the Covid-19 pandemic caused many physical stores to close organic listing was introduced on Google Shopping. In other words, nowadays, people can present the commodities they want to sell on the platform free of charge.

During 20 years it has evolved into a serious e-commerce platform and has become a competitor for Amazon. Over the years the system has been updated continuously to benefit both sellers and buyers.

What is important to remember is that each new step of the platform’s evolution has enticed marketers to improve their SEO campaigns. It still emphasises the importance of title, image, and description optimisation.

Google Shopping in a nutshell

This e-commerce platform allows potential customers to search for what they want to purchase on online websites. They can then compare prices between different retailers. Google Shopping acts as a “personal assistant” that scans the internet to find the best deals.

However, it is not only beneficial for potential customers but is an excellent and powerful tool for businesses as well. With this online tool, a business can ensure that potential customers “discover” its merchandise.

Influence of SEO on ranking

If a person is, for instance, looking online for a pair of running shoes, the first step is to search on Google for “running shoes” and then compare different brands, models, features, prices, and so forth.

The different options for running shoes will be shown on the screen. A retailer’s ideal position is right at the top, or if it is not a paid promotion at the top of the free ads.  The question is how the merchandise ends up at the top of the “free” ads.

The platform prioritises paid promotions at the top of the list, followed by free listings. These listings are optimised for SEO. Retailers and their web designers should know what can influence the ranking of a product positively and what is needed to improve the SEO.

How to formulate and use aspects playing a role in Google Shopping SEO

The following aspects play a role:


The title or name helps the algorithm decipher how to rank a web page according to previous queries by users.

  • For good ranking ensure that relevant keywords are used in the title but avoid too many keywords.
  • Include specifics such as colour, material, size, etc. in the name.
  • Place the most important and necessary information first.


For a good ranking always keep the following in mind when writing the text content for the goods offered:

  • Emphasise the benefits.
  • Keep the descriptions short and tailored to your target audience.
  • To make the information easy to read, use bullet points, bold fonts, and headings.
  • Match the description to that on the website’s landing pages.


Search engines use the product type to understand the structure of merchandise offered. The seller must, therefore, define the type of goods correctly and always remember the following:

  • Identify and describe the goods in terms of categories and subcategories.
  • Use consistent categories and subcategories for landing pages.

Optimise the image

A good image of what is offered is essential for successful Google Shopping SEO.

  • Use only high-quality images.
  • Don’t put text on the image.

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