Read about Shtudio V1

Sometime in 2012, Adobe Muse was launched.


If you haven’t heard of this software before — it’s basically a program where you can design a fully functional website without writing a line of code. As long as you were proficient in design, you could throw together a website. So, since our original website was now getting a little old now, we thought that this was a perfect challenge to undertake. Build us a new website, meanwhile learn the program and then offer services to our clients.

Goodbye Shh… studio. Hello Shtudio.

Sometime in 2013, we launched a new website. A year or so later, we renamed ourselves to Shtudio and with it — came a new logo.


And hello to a new website.

Not many pages on this one either. Muse wasn’t exactly made for websites that require constant updates.


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