We work with specialists, while all-rounders run the projects.

Why is this the case and what is the difference between the two?

An all-rounder is someone who can do it all. You will find most one-person companies or freelancers offering services such as logo design, website design and sometimes even SEO.

As an all-rounder, you know enough to do all of the above tasks. In some rare cases, you are actually very good at all of them. But that’s rare, very rare. Some even call it “finding a unicorn”.

You’ve probably dealt with those in the past. Ever wanted to design a website and got to a point where it was like “hitting a brick wall” trying to get your designer to fix or add something? How about a logo that just didn’t have that look you were after?

Enter the world of an all-rounder.

We are not in any way trying to ditch them, in fact these are often rare skills that someone possesses. And this is exactly why all-rounders, also referred to as jack of all trades, make excellent project managers. Who else to better run a complicated project with various stages of design, development and content than someone who knows just enough about each of these steps? For this reason, we love all-rounders! And for this reason, they are responsible for running your projects.

They work directly with specialists, those other types of special people that know everything and anything about a specific topic. The people who don’t say no, or “this cannot be done”. They may, however, say – this will take me a week, ie. this is very expensive.

They are also often a “unique” bunch, the specialists. Dealing with them is an experience in itself and this is often why they tend to stay in the “back end” and not communicate too much with the customers (honestly, it’s best you don’t talk to some of these people directly).

At Shtudio, we love them all.

The know-alls, the specialists, the geeks and the weirdos. The grumpy backend developer, the confused content writer (they also do what?), the tired from constant changes front-end developer and the overly inspired by the client’s imagination graphic designer. But together, as a team – we produce outstanding results, every time.

Every project is done with love and a little bit (a lot) of passion. We are proud of the work we produce and we love seeing our clients being proud of what they get.

Your investment in your business says a lot about you. We spend on ourselves, we buy the best equipment, team up with the best providers, invest in the best software to run the business. This is important for us, and it should be important to you as well, since you are serious enough about your business to come to us.