How to list your business on Apple Maps

Today, just randomly — we asked a client of ours to look us up on Google Maps. He did, but what he told us didn’t seem to make sense. Outdated information, no reviews, something was definitely wrong. So we asked him to send us some screenshots — and of course, him using an iPhone, it had Apple Maps (Maps Connect – Apple) as default. So, we started digging.

How do we update, or even claim our business on Apple Maps?

Seeing that iPhones are a huge market in Australia, this is not something we can simply ignore.

Of course, we figured it out and now will share the steps with you (it’s not hard!).


Step 1.

Go to: Here you can either sign-in or sign up. Since we already had an account – this part was easy.



Step 2.

Even though it asks you to add a business (and we already had ours there), this was the only option provided. So — just follow the prompts.



Step 3.

We searched for “Shtudio” and you do have to enter a Post Code of some sort. If you don’t yet have your business on Apple Maps — simply add it.



Step 4.

This is the part where you get to review all the information about your business, you are now able to “claim” it if it’s yours and also this is where we found out about where Apple got those details from — Yelp! So we killed 2 birds with one stone here, updated our Apple Maps and Yelp listings.

The typical questions you’ll need to fill in are your business address, phone number, hours of operation, social media accounts and so on.  You will also get a call on the phone number listed to confirm that this is actually you.




Step 5.

Last step is to send the changes/new-business for review to Apple. And this is basically it! Very easy, no tricky questions or technical stuff.



So, as mentioned in the beginning, we strongly recommend you take advantage of this. With the amount of people using iPhones in Australia and around the world, Apple Maps being the default — you simply must take advantage of this. Google Maps and Apple Maps will literally put your business on the map.