Top 5 Evernote alternatives in 2016

There seems to be a new trend around and it’s not a good one. Popular websites are now getting a little greedy. We kind of understand them, you need to make money sooner or later. However, in the case of Evernote — they already had the Premium version. In the case of UpWork — they were already charging their freelancers a fee. Whether or not you decide to move away from Evernote is, of course, your choice, but we may as well give you a short rundown of the options that are currently out there. We are not experts at writing reviews (yet), instead we do some of the research for you and list the options for your own consideration.


Just in case you are clueless about what we are talking about — this email just came through:



And it made a lot of people angry!

So anyway, a quick rundown of some of the best note taking apps/platforms. All are free, there would be little point in switching from Evernote to a paid app (Evernote is good by the way, we use it all the time).


1. Simplenote

simple note

From what we hear — it’s very easy to use (the name kind of suggests that). It will work on all of your devices and it’s free. We haven’t used it, so don’t just take our word for it.


2. Google Keep

google keep

If you are like us — you use everything Google and are already familiar with this. Seriously, we love it. But the only thing(s) we’ve been using Google Keep for are lists. Shopping lists, cooking lists, holiday packing lists and so on. We share them with friends and family and co-workers. But as far as notes go, we haven’t used much of that. In fact, we just found out there is that function there. Free (hopefully Google won’t kill this one).


3. Microsoft OneNote

one note

Like many things from Microsoft… they are slowly improving. We hear this one is pretty good. It’s free. But one thing is that if you are on the mac, the app still lacks a few options.


4. Dropbox paper

Now this is something new (it’s still in beta) and their video presentation is a little too long, but if you are a fan of Dropbox — you should give this a go. Easy to use, looks great and we need to spend a little more time playing around with it, as we literally just came across it.


5. Laverna


Open source. Can be installed and run from your own server. The rest you better find out for yourself, but it looks great and has decent reviews.