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    It’s that time of the year when we are feeling extra positive. So, we are offering a free quick advice on your logo, website or a marketing piece. Let us explain.

    Why free?

    Because advice should be free. We believe in helping other businesses grow, because as they grow — so do we. So why not invest some of our time in those businesses? Whether we get something out of it or not, we actually enjoy doing this. Seriously. But a word of warning — not everything you hear may be positive. Don’t take things personally, we are all here to learn and improve.

    Why quick?

    Well, the word ‘advice’ can mean different things to different people. While we are happy to give advice, we are not providing free business consultation. We’ll tell you what we think and if you feel like there are further in-depth details that we should discuss — feel free to book a consultation session or ask for a redesign quote.


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    Your logo — quick free advice on your logo

    Is your logo out of date? What does your logo say about you? Often business owners are too overwhelmed with starting a business and leave their logo as an afterthought, something they get quickly done for the cheapest price they could get. Sometimes they get it right, often however they miss the mark. In either case, whether your logo was recently created or may require a freshen up — send it to us and we’ll give you our honest opinion. No tricks, no hidden costs and we won’t be chasing after you and trying to get your business.

    Fill in the below form or send your logo to [email protected] and add a little bit about your business (or just a link to your website). Subject line: Free quick advice.



    Your website — quick free advice on your website or how it performs on search engines

    How do you feel about your own website? Do you love it or do you often wish it was improved? How about your customers, do they give you any feedback on your website? Can your website be found online? We can answer some of the questions for you. We’ll do a full SEO performance check and send you the report. We’ll also test the UX (user experience) of your website on both desktop and mobile devices. And we’ll just give you our general view of how your website may be improved. Again — there are no commitments. You are welcome to take our feedback and go to your own designer/developer, we won’t hold that against you.

    Fill in the below form or send us a link to your website, any concerns or wishes you may have, and we’ll come back to you with some feedback. Email [email protected]. Subject line: Free quick advice.



    Your marketing — free quick advice on your marketing collateral

    Take a good look at your business card. Now your company profile brochure. Letterhead? Event poster? Now place them all side by side and see if they feel like they are all a part of the same company. Is the message confusing? Are there conflicting messages? There are many things that could be wrong (or right) with your marketing, whether it’s digital or printed. Send it over! Send it to us, let us take another look at it. Put it this way, having a few more pairs of eyes looking at your stuff won’t do you any harm. If anything, we may pick up on things that are already great, but you are not concentrating on them enough.

    Fill in the below form or send us links, scans and even originals (by mail) to [email protected]. Subject line: Free quick advice.

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      Logo ReviewWebsite ReviewMarketing Review

      Details for your review