Most of us have never experienced anything like this before. The Novel Coronavirus (or COVID-19) has turned the whole world upside down; infecting millions of people, killing thousands, shutting down borders, closing down industries and whole economies, and forcing people to stay inside their homes for the foreseeable future. Different sections of the economy have been impacted in different ways. Some industries are winning big time while others have screeched to a halt. Let us discuss the impact of COVID-19 on digital marketing and economics.

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Digital Marketing is Winning

COVID-19 is a human tragedy. However, there is no denying that COVID-19 is a crisis that has also threatened businesses and jobs. However, evidence suggests that digital marketing agencies may be looking at a great forward leap.

Why? Here are just some of the reasons:

  • Online shopping sites are a more convenient and more responsible alternative to going outside, lining up for hours, and buying at supermarkets (which are basically Petri dishes of human germs and dirt).
  • Ecommerce sites are getting a lot of traffic whether they are selling essential or non-essential goods.
  • People use the internet as a source of education, entertainment, and others.
  • Social media and other online platforms are the best tools we have to stay in touch with family and friends while we are under lockdown.
  • News sites are the source of information and updates about the disease and the measures being taken.

No one sees billboards, newspaper ads, or even TV ads anymore because people are staying off the streets, events are being canceled, and fewer people watch TV in lieu of streaming services. Where did all the people go? Online. Ads on social media, blogs, and websites are more visible than they have ever been.

Now, more than ever, strong and coherent digital marketing strategies are necessary to provide users with what they need to survive during the onslaught of this deadly virus.


How Should Digital Marketing Agencies Respond to the Impact of COVID-19 on Digital Marketing?

  • Sensitivity is key. COVID-19 has and still is affecting millions of people all over the world every day and you need to be sensitive about this, whether you are impacted or not. For instance, words like viral, killer, contagious, and other words that can be associated with the disease are now red flags and should be avoided at all costs.
  • Positivity over humor. Marketing campaigns must be creative, witty, and attention-grabbing in a positive way. However, the use of humor might be dangerous at this time because people might misconstrue your message. Instead of going for funny; try positive and inspiring messaging.
  • Set up a quality control task force. Before any kind of content is published or any outgoing communication is sent; it is extremely important that they are checked by as many people as possible to decrease the chances of anything inappropriate.
  • Evaluate and adjust. Things are changing very fast. New developments in the disease mean that constant evaluation and adjustment of your current marketing strategies are necessary to ensure that you remain current and relevant.
  • Be ethical. Whether you are a digital marketing agency or a small business or a B2B; ethics is an absolute must. Retain your staff, if you can. Pay suppliers and deliver on your promises to your customers. Give back to the community by supporting food banks and other projects. Not only is this the right thing to do; it can also be used as a subject for your content marketing.

The world has become digital and that is why digital marketing strategies are more relevant now. Business owners and digital marketers must be ready to face the impact of COVID-19 on digital marketing and economics by learning to adapt as new and unique challenges and opportunities emerge.