A picture is worth a thousand words. And in the case of businesses, a picture can be worth far more than that. Think about it, people don’t even need to see the company’s name to know that it’s them. For instance, when they see the iconic swoosh, siren, apple with a bite on the side, or the large yellow M; they immediately know that it’s Nike, Starbucks, Apple, and McDonalds, respectively. Iconic logos show the brand’s identity and transcend languages and cultures. And that is the importance of quality logo-design for (small) business ventures: brand recognition at first glance.

A Graphic Design Logo is a Sneak Peek

Here’s what some small businesses do to save on upfront costs: either design their own logos or use an image from a stock photo site or search engines. There are 3 things wrong with that:

  1. Many small businesses do the same, so no one stands out.
  2. A photo may be copyrighted and no one wants to deal with copyright infringement lawsuits.
  3. It’s generic, boring, and does not tell the company’s brand identity.

A graphic design logo tells the clients who the company is. Is the business an innovator or just more of the same? Is the brand fun or is it serious? What are the company’s values? People get a sense of what the business is all about the moment they see their graphic design plastered on posters and ads. A small business’ logo offers the world a glimpse of the organization before even interacting with them.

DIY It or Pay for Graphic Design Services?

Small business owners may or may not have enough dough for fancy graphic design services and may choose to do it themselves. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, the importance of quality logo-design for a (small) business is the almost the same as the brand itself. Graphic designers argue that entrepreneurs should consider, at the very least, consulting with a graphic design agency. Here are some of their reasons:

  1. logoPay and Go Unlike other operational expenses, entrepreneurs pay for a logo only once (or a few times depending on the agreement); and the logo will last for years! Fun fact: Nike paid Carolyn Davidson only $35 for its iconic Swoosh. How’s that for a good investment?
  2. The 3 Ts A graphic design logo pro has studied and mastered the latest theories, techniques, and technology. No amount of photoshop-ing can compare to the professional results delivered by your friendly neighborhood graphic design pros.
  3. An eye for detail Graphic design artists see things differently. They see colors more vividly. They see mundane lines and shapes and somehow see something else. They live and breathe visual artistry and they can bring a simple verbal description of a vision to life.
  4. Pop People can tell a homemade logo from a professionally-made high-quality logo design. The latter calls the attention of potential customers and tells them the company means business.

So, while technically anyone can DIY a company logo; it’s still very much advisable to call in the big guns. As they say: when in doubt, call a pro. Luckily, now more than ever, it’s quite easy to find a good graphic design agency in Sydney, as well as the rest of the country. Graphic design services can cost anywhere from $0 to hundreds of dollars depending on the scope of work. Now, on to the nitty-gritty.

Finding the Right Graphic Design Agency

Finding the right graphic design services could be a bit tricky. Outlined here are a few initial things every entrepreneur should consider when choosing an agency:

  • Portfolio – Who have they worked with before? Have they worked with reputable clients? How does their work look like?
  • Proof of Life – Do their website, blog, and social media show they are still alive and kicking?
  • Press – What do their previous clients say about them? What do they say about their previous clients?
  • People – Do they respond to your emails or phone calls with respect? Do they answer your questions or concerns honestly and effectively?

The importance of quality logo-design for a (small) business, or any organization for that matter, cannot be stressed enough. A company’s logo and graphic design are its business cards; showing the world who they are, what their brand is, and what they can offer. Show the world a logo it can recognize and trust.