Website design trends are ever evolving and constantly changing. What designers are doing now, the web designers of 10 years ago could only dream about, if at all. Staying current and relevant means keeping up with the evolution of web design, and if possible, going one or two steps further. What are web designers talking about? Here are the hottest and most popular web design topics this year.

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The Top 10 in a Nutshell

Website design experts in Sydney and other major cities list the following trends as the most important ones for 2020 and in the coming year.

  1. Ultra Minimalism
  2. Responsive Design
  3. Scrolling Effects
  4. Font Management
  5. Story Focus
  6. Color Psychology
  7. Artificial Intelligence
  8. 3D Technology
  9. Depth
  10. Data Focus

In Detail: Top 10 Web Design Topics of 2020

  1. Ultra Minimalism. Everything is getting smaller; website design is no exception. This means very simple navigation, large photos or videos with bare minimum text, clean and chic design with minimal elements.
  2. Responsive Design. Versatility is the most important topic these last couple of years. Your website’s design must be able to adjust to whatever device your users use, be it a traditional computer, a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet.
  3. Scrolling Effects. Scrolling is so much more than just page up and down now. Web designers have come up with a clever way to animate various layers in different speeds to provide a sort of visual entertainment for their users. This is called parallax scrolling. Another scrolling effect, one that is becoming super popular for ecommerce sites, is called infinite scrolling where content gets updated every time the user gets to the bottom of the page.
  4. Font Management. The readability of the website’s fonts set the mood of users. These seemingly small details can inspire or irritate the users and can make or break the user’s experience.
  5. Story Focus. Nothing engages users more than a story that flows through the website’s design. Design elements like shapes, colors, composition, perspectives, texture, space, animations, video, audio, emotions, characters and others can tell a visual story. For instance, imperfect and scribbly hand-drawn designs tell add an air of humanity into websites.
  6. Color Psychology. The use of bold colors is in fashion again. Unconventional color pairings, when used strategically can make design elements jump off the screen and evoke emotions. For example, splashes of colors evoke the emotions of playfulness, happiness, energy, and fun.
  7. Artificial Intelligence. AI has been a trend for many years now and has continued to evolve as time went by. Thanks to artificial intelligence, website design experts are now able to create interfaces that are more “human”; responsive, engaging, and smart.
  8. 3D Technology. 3D visuals are now becoming more common as the technology behind it is becoming more accessible. 3D tech is making it possible for designers to make the user’s experience more immersive and hyper realistic. 3D designs engage users and encourage them to stay on the site longer.
  9. This year, depth takes center stage. Floating visual elements, soft shadows, and layers create depth and interest. This is a far cry from the flat design that feel too flat and lifeless.
  10. Data Focus. Users are now starting to trust analytics; prompting designers to focus and highlighting data. Data as part of your web design is a form of communication with your site’s users and encourages them to stay on your page longer. 

This year shattered many expectations as many experts in website design in Australia and all over the world played with new trends, reinvented old styles, and got creative with bold and fresh new ideas. Keep up with these web design topics to ensure your website stays current and relevant.