One of the simplest answers is this – because others are not. If others are no longer investing or investing less – this is the perfect opportunity for us to come in.

The other answer is – it’s cheaper. That’s right, right now is when we have the bargaining power and, as an example, we can buy better quality links for less.

The results?

Online competition is fierce, especially in our industry... but that didn’t stop us (and our digital marketing brand) from ranking on page 1 for some of the most expensive and hard to rank keywords:

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Why aren't other businesses investing?

We’ve spoken to a number of them, there are various reasons and some are quite fair. If your business is already struggling or worse, in a lot of debt, then it’s a tough choice to invest now. But in most cases, it’s the fear factor of the coronavirus and how it will impact their business. How will this so-called pandemic impact your industry? And are you thinking short or long term?

Whatever business you are in – now is the time. If you are already doing SEO – do not stop. Playing catchup is a long and expensive process.

Is your business online?

If it’s not, now is the time. In fact, right now online is the only way to run a business for many industries.

Is your business not investing in digital marketing?

Now is the time. It’s time to take the marketing budget you’ve put aside for print media, outdoor advertising or conferences/exhibitions and move it to digital marketing. You might have thought about budgeting and putting some money towards digital, but hesitated. Now is when things are unsettled, but this is only temporary. Once all of this blows over, you will already be well ahead of your competition, picking up the rewards.

Bondi is shut

Is your business already investing in digital marketing?

Review it. Run an audit. Digital marketing is a big wide world, and you might be on the wrong side of it. Investing in SEM works well short term, but you should also consider SEO as a long term goal. SEO is great for organic search, but just look at how Google ranks its search results now. Investing in Google My Business, local digital marketing is now just as important.

Budgets are tight, times are uncertain. However there is just one thing that is certain, and that is all of this is not here to stay. The world will change, yes there will be changes, and this is the time to take charge and come out on top at the end of the tunnel.

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