Across the world, cities are being locked down. The way of life has drastically changed overnight. Markets are crashing, economies are stalled, and people are asked to stay indoors (and guard their toilet paper). That is why being online is going to be extremely crucial over the next few weeks, even months. Let’s talk about COVID-19 and why SEO is more important than ever.


COVID-19 not-so-fun facts

COVID-19 is a virus strain, the flu with an excellent brand identity. The first reported outbreak of the new coronavirus started in Wuhan, China late 2019 and is now in at least 140 countries. The symptoms of this include dry cough, tiredness, and fever. Some people, however, who contract the virus don’t develop any symptoms at all; making the virus even scarier as asymptomatic people who are not tested can infect others unknowingly.

While 80% recover from the illness; the elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions are disproportionately more likely to become seriously ill or die from the infection. But I’m sure we’ve all heard enough about this on the news already. In fact, this is ALL we are hearing right now.

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COVID-19 and Why SEO is More Important Than Ever

Search engines like Google took it upon themselves to organize the world’s information and make it relevant and totally accessible. The process of search engine optimization is their way of helping people find the information they are looking for.

Now more than ever, the importance of SEO, as well as the strategies of an SEO agency, is paramount. Done right, SEO helps people get the correct information to remain healthy and, as more and more people spend more time at home, have some semblance of normalcy amidst worldwide fear and panic.

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How SEO Helps People

  1. Helps Locate Relevant Information – With a solid SEO content strategy, you can help people find information regarding the disease, how to prevent it, local resources, best practices, and other need-to-know facts and figures. Keeping the public informed helps in preventing the spread of the virus.
  2. Normalises Day-to-Day Life – As cities go on lockdown, people are required to stay at home to help flatten the curve. People, therefore, turn to online businesses to meet their daily needs like food, supplies, among other things. SEO helps people find relevant businesses that can meet their requirements.
  3. Prevents the Spread of Misinformation – In a crisis like this, the spread of misinformation is just as dangerous, if not more, than the disease itself. SEO helps filter content and direct users to relevant and credible information sources to keep people informed.
  4. Enables Productivity – More and more employees and students are now required to work from home to hold back the spread of the new coronavirus. SEO helps them remain productive by optimizing their searches, directing them to useful websites, applications, and distance learning resource materials where they can still meet with colleagues and friends to continue work as usual, or at least, as close to usual as possible.

These are terrifying times, indeed. No one knows how and when this will end. During the outbreak of COVID-19, SEO is more important than ever because until this is over; people need access to relevant, useful, and correct information to help keep them safe and healthy and help them live their lives as normal as possible in the face of this global pandemic.

In other words, people will stay home and search for stuff, more than ever before. So if your business is nowhere to be found and you heavily relied on people physically walking in – you may have to rethink your strategy moving forward.