Search engine optimisation SEO is constantly following new ideas and will still play an important role in 2024 when it comes to digital marketing and online visibility.

This article discusses the latest SEO developments that content creators must keep in mind during 2024.

New aspects which influence future strategies

Aspects that influence search engine optimisation Sydney are not different from what other countries are experiencing  and include the following:

Voice Optimisation

During 2024 many users will use Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant to activate voice options. Therefore software developers’ SEO strategies must adapt to offer their users the possibility of executing voice queries on their appliances. To achieve this they must ensure that human-like speech patterns as well as correct keywords are included in their websites.

AI and Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning in SEO

Because the software developed to accommodate these technologies better understands what the user wants to find on the internet it will transform the ways content writers will apply SEO search engine optimisation. People will stop visiting sites where they encounter problems getting the information they are searching for. The creators of web material will have to provide information that is in line with the target market’s intent. Algorithms will play key roles in the ranking of websites.

More quality than quantity

The trend to regard the quality and relevance of content higher than simply the quantity will definitely escalate in future. To achieve a high-ranking search engine position websites should offer in-depth and engaging information or solutions.


The use of videos is already popular but videos will even get more important in future. A relevant short video boosts any optimisation effort. It is recommended that video material be used to engage the target audience. 2024 content creators should optimise this aspect.


Data security as well as user privacy has become very important. Therefore websites with secure connections will earn higher online rankings in future.

The importance of mobile devices

The importance of mobile devices

The newest development is that online searches are not done on desktop computers anymore but on a variety of mobile devices. In the future websites should be much more mobile and small screen-friendly than now. Fast speeds and easy navigation will become the norm in 2024.

Current navigation innovations that would still be valid in future

Apart from new trends, many existing principles will always be valid. They include:

  •         The focus in future will still be on expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. Material will still be prioritised according to these three aspects.
  •         Information will still be provided in a structured way because structured data helps to prioritise content. Therefore, web designers will still have to structure web material carefully, especially for e-commerce and local business websites.

SEO Sydney developers can continue to excel but to stay a forerunner in the field of SEO optimisation they must keep all new trends in mind. Utilising the emerging new technologies will be the key to their success in 2024.