Get a return on your investment, not just a deduction.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Develop a new website
  • Maintain or modify a current website
  • Improve the performance of your website in Google (SEO)
  • Target your customers better (paid ads via Facebook or Google)
  • Logo or branding update
  • Printed media
  • Domain name and hosting

Invest in your business this year.

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    As of writing this post, we are just over a week before the start of a new financial year: 2017-2018.

    Creative tax deduction ideas from a creative team at Shtudio. Tax time is just around the corner and as a business owner, you want to save and deduct as much as you can.

    We’ve been speaking to some of our customers and found out something very interesting. Many of them run to the shops (mainly electronic stores) and buy up phones, laptops, iPads and all types of “toys” just so they can be used to deduct on tax. We call it toys, because even though these are used for business — they are not a necessity. But nobody likes to pay taxes and so of course, they rather spend the money on things they don’t really need.

    When asked about spending the money their business digital presence instead, our customers began to wonder. Yes, you can and should invest into your business. Invest into your branding, your website, push that website to your target market and of course, get a return on your investment, not just a deduction.

    Speak to your accountant.

    Here is a great link directly from the ATO on claiming website costs.

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    Are you still using a personal hotmail or gmail to reply to your customers?

    Please don’t. Having an email address with your own website domain is an important step to improve your online credibility. We’ll go as far as give you a free consultation and even help you set it all up.

    Ready to go? Have more questions?

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