Night Edition


Free delivery Australia Wide Facemask.
Designed in Australia, limited edition Sydney Opera House mashup.



Step into the night with this custom designed facemask. You’ll be seen from far and wide, and if someone is taking a photos of you and others — your face will light up and the rest will stay in the dark (as they should). Made with special reflective material, just like the ones used on high-vis uniforms, this mask looks cool during the day and lights up at night.

Should work well if you want to be more visible at night, eg riding a bike. Not saying it provides any extra safety, so don’t put it on and think that everyone will see you on the road. Just like these masks (and most others) are not guaranteed to protect you from a virus, we do not give any guarantee that  these will protect you from not being seen in the dark or catching a cold. But they look great, and in case you haven’t figured it out – it’s an image of Opera House, redesigned to something a little more unique.

Enjoy and stay bright!