Nowadays, many agencies use AI tools in their SEO strategies. By doing this they enhance web designability.

This article highlights some of the reasons why designers use Artificial Intelligence for search engine optimisation and it also gives business owners an idea of why it is good to use companies which successfully integrate it into their processes.

However, business owners must ensure that the developer is still attending to the “human side” of the site.

Artificial Intelligence might take away a personal and customised image

Nowadays, the implementation of AI in online marketing can give a business a competitive edge. But although it offers solutions for aspects such as content creation, security, and personalisation the human touch is still important to get the best client-friendly design.

Why use Artificial Intelligence?

Reasons why developers use it when creating or updating internet applications for their clients include the following, it can:

  1. provide design ideas;
  2. speed up the design process;
  3. analyse search engine optimisation;
  4. improve customer experience;
  5. provide 24/7 customer service;
  6. make access to the internet and its applications easier;
  7. detect errors automatically;
  8. prevent security threads.

AI technology microchip background

1. Ideas provider

Although some designers might use AI to create sites and then leave the created work without any human modification, more experienced developers use it only to “trigger” new ideas which they then customise for their clients.

To activate Artificial Intelligence to develop a site the creator provides it with information regarding aspects such as

  • the purpose of the content,
  • the foreseen target audience,
  • the preferred style, and the
  • content type.

AI then generates possible solutions for optimised functionality. A skilled and experienced designer is still needed to customise the created content for the client.

2. Quicker process

Usually, these mechanisms create sites quickly and cost-effectively.  However, these solutions might be less flexible than traditionally designed applications.

3. Search engine optimisation

AI-powered tools are helping designers and their clients to analyse the search patterns of potential visitors and customers. The tool provides relevant keywords which content writers should use in the text.

4. Improves customer experience

AI can analyse customers’ preferences and behaviour in real-time and predict what they need and want.  Thus, it helps to improve customer experience. The web developer uses AI-created dynamic content to personalise product recommendations to the client.

5. 24/7 customer service

Nowadays, many designers include chatbots in their products. These chatbots provide 24/7 customer service support, including the answering of frequently asked questions. An AI-powered chatbot can also assist customers to effectively navigate online. Businesses with chatbots can downscale their support teams.

The chatbot can also analyse customer reviews and social media comments and identify issues of concern for the business.

6. Easier access

Artificial Intelligence helps to make the internet more accessible for people with disabilities. It can accommodate aspects such as colour contrast optimisation, text-to-speech technology, voice assistance, image recognition, and transcriptions.

7. Automatic error identification

Artificial intelligence can automatically identify and report errors and other issues. It can also compare and evaluate online versions to determine which performs better.

8. Security threads prevention

Last but not least – it can analyse user behaviour, detect unauthorized access and possible malware and notify the website owner.

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