Web development may have begun in the computer labs of eccentric, genius coders but today, anyone has the potential to learn and practice it. Modern web developers have access to a vast range of guides, tools and likeminded individuals, meaning there really is no excuse for not having a go! We bet you could create something a little more stimulating that the world’s first website!

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Although you’ve of course got complete creative freedom, you may still appreciate a gentle nudge into some great ideas when developing a website or project. So here are our top 5 ideas for developing a project or website:

  1. Product Landing Page

Sometimes you have to follow the money, right? Unlike a webpage, which is trying to accomplish lots, a product landing page is wholly committed to selling one item, commonly referred to as a call-to-action (CTA). As a dedicated web development company, we at Shtudio have experienced the growing demand for brilliant product landing pages, so it’s very useful for beginners to have this skill safely stored away.

To develop an effective product landing page, you will need to consider space and layout by doing simple editing tasks like component positioning and sizing. To make things a bit more challenging, you can create pop-ups. To do all of these things, you’re going to need a decent understanding of HTML and CSS.

  1. Login Authentication 

Though ‘login authentication’ sounds very suave and sophisticated, it is a beginner-level project. This project involves form-based methods, where users must enter ID/password to log-in.

Due to the fact that the majority of sites have some form of login authentication, it’s definitely worth trying. It’s a crucial feature for returning visitors to save time and feel valued, and you get to practice your JavaScript skills.

  1. Modal Pop-Ups

Modal pop-ups can be pretty crucial pieces of code, materialising as prompts to show vital information (notifications, promotions), to receive user information (login, form, survey) and to share that ominous warning message: “Are you sure you want to do that?”

In order to get to work on this, you’ll need to warm up your JavaScript skills again. You can even make the project harder by having animation or effects, like pop-up fade in/out.

  1. Exit Plug-in

Ok, an exit plug-in is remarkably similar to a pop-up, but there are some extra things to consider. Considering that an exit plug-in, or widget, is specifically designed to convince people to stay on a page, developers can get creative with these.

As companies rely on these add-ons to make last-effort sales, so if you learn how to make brilliant exit plug-ins, you can expect a lot of professional attention (and compensation!). Much like modal pop-ups, you can use your JavaScript skills.

  1. SEO-Friendly Website

Web development is not just about functionality, though that’s how developers spend a great deal of their time. No, modern and professional web development services understand that SEO-friendly design is vital for a site’s traffic and thus success.

Intuitive, user-friendly platforms are a major factor in creating an SEO-friendly site. In a project like this, you’ll not simply need to optimize mobile sites, URLs and robots.txt components, but also consider how text and content supplements page structure to inform search rankings.


Web development truly is an art, so there are countless other projects out there. Even though it’s fun to study how websites are constructed, how different elements of code and software communicate, it can be rather tricky.

If you’d like the help of dedicated professionals, Shtudio is an Australian web development company, based in Sydney, ready to assist you in making a beautifully effective and streamlined online space.