The world today moves at a dizzying pace. Trends in fashion, education, business, and, most of all, web development also move so fast; it is sometimes hard to keep up. Competition on the web is fierce. A brand’s website must get with the times or be left behind. So how does one stay ahead of the pack? Well, it helps to know what’s going on to accurately predict what’s coming up. That said, here are the most exciting trends of 2019 in web development.

Everything happens on the web now. Anyone wishing to stay competitive in 2019 must have a website that’s not just functional; but also attractive, innovative, and convenient. Here are the top 10 web development trends to look out for this new year.

  1. Motion User Interface

As the world becomes increasingly online and the need for instant gratification heightens; people’s attention spans are becoming shorter. People gravitate towards simple but fascinating interactive graphics. Motion User Interface, like animations, interactive transitions, and video backgrounds will take over static and data-heavy flash-based graphics.

  1. Cyber Security

According to a report by the Australian Cyber Security Centre, 90% of organizations experienced cybersecurity threats – big and small – in 2016. This includes malicious cyber threats like phishing emails, data privacy infringement, and confidentiality and data breaches.

Experts in web development in Sydney and across the world experience and warn organizations of the same scenario. Because of this, most companies’ are taking steps to keep cyber attacks at bay. Cybersecurity is projected to stay a top priority in web development for the foreseeable future.

security of the web

  1. Blockchain

Speaking of cybersecurity, Blockchain, made popular by cryptocurrencies, has emerged into the front line of web development trends. Since data in the Blockchain technology is stored in distributed ledgers and not in a single server, it’s safer from cybersecurity compromises.

More companies are predicted to use Blockchain in 2019 as major technology giants, like Amazon, develop their very own Blockchain platforms.

  1. Push Notifications

Push notifications have become crucial elements of an increasing number of websites. Easy to manage than email newsletters; they are fast becoming the norm for new content, announcements, and special offers, among others.

  1. Low-Code Development Platform

Thanks to LCDPs, more people, with or without programming training, can design and develop applications and websites. Since LCDPs are faster and easier, they lower the setup, training, and preparation costs. LCDPs are becoming the preferred platform by web developers so expect a lot of low-code websites in 2019.

  1. Single Page Applications

These days, it’s all about convenience. That is the reason single-page applications have grown in popularity. SPAs have one long web page that is free from complicated navigation keys and confusing menus, are simple and fast. Plus, they work and look excellent on desktops and mobile devices. What’s not to like?

  1. Artificial Intelligence

The list of the most exciting trends of 2019 in web development won’t be complete without artificial intelligence. AI is at the heart of digital transformation strategies. The adorably named Chatbots is just one example.

development of AI

With the advances in artificial intelligence, chatbots are becoming smarter and smarter. Experts estimate that this new year, 4 out of 10 websites will use new and improved AI technology. AI will now be able to do processes like reasoning, sensing, predicting, inferring, assessing, and controlling actions.

  1. Aesthetic Overload

Less is more is a thing of the past. More is more is the web development motto for 2019. Now it’s all about vibrancy – flamboyant images, interactive animations, and creative typography. Prepare for sensory overload this year.

  1. Progressive Web Applications

As more and more people become attached to their smartphones, web developers have started making progressive web apps, websites that function like mobile apps. This gives users a consistent experience across multiple devices. Brands like Virgin America, Forbes, the Washington Post, and even Twitter have made the switch from traditional websites to PWAs. So far, they have seen improved conversion, speed, performance.

  1. Adaptability

Adaptability is the name of the game. Websites that look attractive, are easy to use, and accessible to a wider range of devices get more visitors, have higher conversion rates, and have happier users. Therefore, web pages that have optimized and uniquely developed templates for each device will continue to be at the top of the list of the most exciting trends of 2019 in web development.

Keeping Up with Web Development

The line between real life and online life is now gone; because real life is online life. Websites are the consumers’ first point of contact with organizations like businesses, banks, schools, among others. Establishing and maintaining a working website is merely the first step. Visual appeal, accessibility, and convenience are also necessities.

It goes without saying that hiring a web development team is one of the most important investments a business needs to make. The advantages of hiring a web developer include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Trends and Techniques. Trends come and go but expert web developers are always in style. These pros know what’s hot and what’s not, as well as the latest techniques and strategies when it comes to web development.

  • Professional Results. A professional web developer will produce a professional-looking and high-functioning website that can increase the brand’s credibility.

  • Customized Solutions. An expert web developer can integrate the brand’s vision and the latest trends seamlessly to ensure the website represents the brand and does the work the required perfectly.


Final Thoughts

Twenty years ago, the rest of the world was just starting to get connected to the world wide web. In some parts of the world, people have not even heard of the world wide web. Now, according to a survey by Netcraft, there are more than 200 million active websites, with more being created every minute.

That’s a mind-blowing shift in such a short period. Yes, twenty years is not a lot of time. For context, twenty years ago, The Simpsons was on TV, Bon Jovi was on tour, and Jennifer Lopez looks exactly the same. Twenty years ago is pretty much today.

With the speed and enormity of the change taking place; big corporations, small businesses, and everything in between must rise up and never stop innovating to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. After all, the most exciting trends of 2019 in web development may not so exciting in just a few years’ time.