Times are changing. Gone are the days when the first option for consumers is going out of the house and doing stuff physically. Now, people shop, connect, share, learn, and do many other things online. Most people establish and maintain their presence online. In the same way, organizations must establish and maintain their presence via a working website. Every company must have one. But alas, most people have no coding experience and would bleed to death at the mere mention of HTML, CSS, YAML, and other scary-sounding acronyms. That’s what CMS Website Development is for. No technical skills; no problem.

Behold! A New Technology in Website Development

Hand-coded HTML websites, like wishing friends a happy birthday in out-loud words, are a thing of the past. Now, all anyone needs is a CMS or Content Management System.

A CMS provides a hassle-free way to manage your website. With a CMS, you should be able to:

  • add and edit texts and content
  • upload photos and other media
  • manage and share content, user accounts, files, etc.
  • view statistics and analytics
  • integrate other required business processes
  • provide a gateway to the organization’s other pages (i.e. social media)

With a CMS, creating a website or a webpage, or uploading and sharing files shouldn’t take more than just a few minutes. CMS makes the job easy, simplifies processes, and increases efficiency across teams and organizations.

Choosing a CMS for Website Development

CMSs have changed the face of website creation and development. The website development process used to be reserved for a chosen few. Today, however, websites are popping up by the millions because of CMS’s convenience, accessibility, and functionality.


simple cms web development to use

How does one choose the right CMS from the myriad of Open Source ones on the web? Here are some of the most important things to look for in a website development CMS.

  1. Installation – Can it be installed and set up quickly and easily, even without the IT Guy’s help?
  2. Interface – “Bigger is better” does not apply to CMS, especially to those without the necessary skills or experience to use the fancy features, extensions, and plug-ins. Novices should pick a CMS that is easy to use with a simple admin interface. Otherwise, all that paid-for fanciness will go to waste. 
  3. Functionality – Choosing a CMS is like choosing a house or apartment. The selection should be purely based on needs. Additionally, a CMS must offer the extensions and plugins that the company needs to conduct business transactions.
  4. Style – Ease of use doesn’t mean bland. A CMS with an easy-to-modify template will give the user the ability to insert their personal style into the website with ease.
  5. Community – As in life, a community is very important in CMS. A CMS’s users are the best source of information on its functionality, hacks, and hiccups. Support from the community is invaluable when it comes to resolving issues and learning the ins and outs quickly. 
  6. Recommendations – What do you know, really? Ask the experts, do some research. If your developer works with WordPress, but you’ve read somewhere that Magento or Drupal is the way to go, you should probably make sure your developer is proficient at whatever CMS you end up choosing.

CMS Website Development: Other Things to Remember

  • A user-friendly CMS is always better than a geek-friendly one.
  • Just because CMS is established with a huge following does not mean it’s right for a particular organization. Research is essential.
  • Switching between CMSs don’t cost much. If a CMS doesn’t fit the company’s evolving needs; there’s no shame in redesigning with a better system.
  • While CMS is a great tool for creating a powerful website; it still comes down to personal preferences and working with a reputable development team that can be trusted to deliver what the organization needs.

So much of life today is conducted over the internet. Important transactions and even non-important ones are now done online. That’s why for businesses, building and maintaining an excellent online presence is of utmost importance. CMS Website Development helps companies achieve these and more by allowing companies and individuals drive and conduct business online hassle-free; easing them into the 21st Century.