Human beings have an incredible capacity for learning. However, there are times when one cannot do it on their own. That is why, according to the age-old, sound advice, when in doubt, seek professional help. In web development, the same goes. It does not matter whether you are an expert web developer or a novice; we can all use a bit of help and advice. Hence, we turn to experts. Here is our list of 2020’s best 10 blogs for web development.

The Value of Web Development Blogs

Obviously, books and magazines are great information sources, but website development blogs provide you with the most up-to-date, freshest, not to mention free, content.

Blogs provide knowledge, links, and other information in different niches. However, like anything in life, the more choices you have, the easier it is to get overwhelmed and the harder it is to actually choose. With that in mind, we have compiled our favorite web development blogs.

Blogs for web

Best 10 Blogs for Web Development

  1. CSS-Tricks – If you are looking for a place to learn about building websites, and all its important aspects such as web performance, how CSS and other technologies (i.e. HTML, JavaScript, etc.) are connected, extensible component development, and many more, CSS-Tricks is where you should go. As a bonus, CSS-Tricks also features a diverse range of staff and guest writers to give readers a plethora of wide-ranging content.
  2. CodePen Blog – Web developers swear by CodePen. It is an indispensable tool for many developers. It is also a good place to find inspiration, test ideas, see examples from other developers, and learn how to code. This blog is especially useful if you frequently use Pens.
  3. Creative Bloq – Don’t be fooled by the artsy and designy vibes of Creative Bloq. Here you can learn a lot of useful information about CSS animation, grid systems, Big Data, 3D modeling, HTML, JavaScript, graphic design, and, literally, a whole lot more.
  4. Smashing Magazine – For those seeking to improve their front-end skills, Smashing Magazine is an excellent resource. Here you can learn coding, user experience, design, mobile development, as well as CMS.
  5. Codrops – A favorite among many a web development agency in Sydney, Codrops provides its audience with the latest relevant articles and tutorials. Beginners and experts alike will benefit from many of its videos which walk them through different processes like UI design, image formatting, page animations and many more. They also have an inspiring web development experiment playground to test out new ideas. Fun!
  6. CSS Author – CSS Author gives you access to free stuff like templates and themes, resource materials, tutorials, CSS articles, tricks and techniques, coding information, PSD design tools, and many more.
  7. io – For those with a bit more development experience, is perfect for you. They have tutorials on PHP, JavaScript, etc.; coding courses; and other resource material to help you up to your coding prowess.
  8. Tuts+ – With thousands of tutorials on coding, design, as well as useful articles on WordPress, Python and other backend languages, among others; Tuts+ is a staple among self-study coders and a trusted source for website design Sydney.
  9. Design Shack – Design Shack is a one-stop-shop for CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, layouts, graphics, navigation, software, UX design, mobile, and many more.
  10. Tutorialzine – Tutorialzine is a tutorial hub for CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, etc. They also have a list of relevant resources and many freebies. Here you can also find the latest programming news and productivity tips.

Both amateur and seasoned web developers need to enhance their skills and knowledge. That is why it is very important to scour resource materials, especially the internet, to see what others are up to. Head over to one of these 10 best blogs for web development to learn and get inspired today!