When we come across interesting finds in the online business world — we love to share it with you. One of the things good CRM systems can do is track the emails that you send out. For example, we use our CRM for some new leads, where the email is sent, recorded and tracked. This gives us a much deeper understanding of how the customer is interacting with our email and whether or not it’s worth following up. Similarly, you would get such information from a mass-emailing software such as MailChimp.

Now, sometimes we get a reply from a prospective lead, but the CRM doesn’t give us any information about it at all. And we also notice something peculiar in the subject line, there is now the word in brackets {Disarmed} added before our subject line.

Basically, this is their system virus scanner that is performing a check, after finding some code in the HTML e-mail. Because a lot of SPAMMERS also send emails with tracking and other malicious code inserted into them, the virus scanner automatically assumes this is also SPAM and must be checked.  The {disarmed} tag means that the code is now removed, but the actual e-mail is unchanged and will look normal. But, of course, this also means that our potential customer may never open the email, thinking there was a virus attached to it.

Now we know, and so do you. Tip of the month.