Everyone loves watching online videos, especially when there’s a personality involved. We can waste away hours going through clip after clip, but why are we so drawn to YouTubers? Sure, YouTube promotion must help some names get ahead, but what’s the commonality between the top channels?

Unlike distant celebrities and faceless companies, YouTubers add more than a splash of personal touch, creating engaging and (more importantly) relatable content that helps them maintain their relationship with loyal viewers. Their peculiarity, or charm, is unique to them and taps into our fundamental desire to connect authentically with others.

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Simply put we can’t get enough of people acting like actual people, which any good SMM company in Sydney would tell you. So here are our top 5 Australian YouTubers who have learned to keep it real, racking up the views to prove that they’ve mastered their particular brand of content creation.

  1. Ozzy Man Reviews (Ethan Marrell)


Content: Satirical Reviews and Everyday Musings

Current Subs: 4.67 million

Total Views: 1.68 billion

Before setting-up Ozzy Man Reviews, creator Ethan Marrell tried his hand at writing, directing, producing and acting in films, so he’s no stranger to the world of video. He began his channel whilst studying a master’s degree in Internet Communications, so it seems he’s well-qualified for his current job, too!

He reviews anything and everything, taking a satirical approach and poking fun at the way in which we think and behave. His comedic style is incredibly authentic, where viewers feel as if they’re simply poking fun at videos with their mate. With colourful language and an unscripted feel, there’s no holds barred, exactly what his almost 5 million subscribers are there for.

  1. How To Cook That (Ann Reardon)


Content: Cooking Tutorials and Food Vlogging

Current Subs: 4.7 million

Total Views: 869.7 million

Ann Reardon is the face behind the food and cooking vlog How To Cook That, which deals with all manner of desserts and treats. She gives relaxed advice, debunks food myths, reviews kitchen gadgets and undertakes crazy baking challenges, all for our viewing pleasure! Essentially, she’s your fairy godmother for home cooking.

Her peculiarity is that she is not simply interested in food, but a qualified food scientist and dietitian. Her knowledge of cooking runs deep, which makes her channel an amazing compendium of tips, tricks and teachings otherwise. You can really sense that she practices what she preaches, which her loyal (and growing!) fan-base greatly appreciates.

  1. JoshDub


Content: Video Game Streaming, Pranks and Challenges

Current Subs: 9.5 million

Total Views: 1.44 billion

Despite creating his YouTube account in 2013, JoshDub only started sharing videos in 2017 so it’s astounding that he’s seen the success he has in such a brief time. This quick rise to fame is thanks to his genuine, care-free style, paired with the fact that the video game content category is hugely popular.

Before his internet stardom, JoshDub was a factory worker in South Adelaide, which just goes to show that you absolutely don’t need specialist video-making knowledge in order to start producing interesting content. He speaks from the heart and isn’t afraid to make himself the butt of the joke, a friendly and honest style that his followers have come to love dearly.

  1. Tina Young


Content: Lifestyle Vlogging, Beauty Tips and Everyday Tutorials

Current Subs: 3.56 million

Total Views: 491.3 million

Dropping out of high school when she was in 11th grade, Tina Young is testament to the fact that you can make it big as a YouTuber as long as you have a warm personality and stay persistent with your uploads. That’s not to say she doesn’t have a ton on know-how, having worked as a hair and makeup artist and freelance graphic designer.

Covering all sorts of lifestyle and beauty topics, Tina Young takes a relaxed and playful approach with her videos. From creating custom jewelry to enticing nail art, she shares her experiences just as a friend would, which makes her content feel very real and refreshing.

  1. Primitive Technology (John Plant)


 Content: Bush-craft vlogging, Lifestyle Tips and Information Sharing

Current Subs: 10.4 million

Total Views: 1.03 billion 

In 2019, John Plant published the book Primitive Technology: A survivalist’s guide to building tools, shelters, and more in the wild, which summarizes quite neatly what his YouTube channel is about, which he began back in 2015. He is evidence that you can share strong personality and connect with your viewers without saying much at all!

Covering everything bush-craft related in a steady and soothing manner, part of his peculiarity is the niche itself. The POV filming style is immersive and the content is educational, a combination that has been viewed and enjoyed over a billion times.

Key Takeaway from Top Australian YouTubers

Aussie YouTuber success stories teach us that charm and charisma can take you much of the way towards a whole heap of subscribers, yet it’s still incredibly hard to get up and running. If you’re unsure of how to establish yourself, or you’ve got a struggling channel, invest in professional YouTube promotion services to build your presence and boost viewership. Shtudio offers web development, digital marketing and SEO so you can build a comprehensive strategy for your YouTube channel.