Starting a business, no matter the size, is a daunting task for first-timers. Tasks don’t seem to end. Questions keep popping up. The bills keep piling. Doubts creep in. It starts to feel like this is an entirely new field. And it is. How does one deal with the challenges of starting up a new business? A startup consultant. Here’s a brief example on startup consultants, why they are so important, and how to get one.

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The Challenge and the Solution

Startups are challenging: they are constantly in a state of uncertainty; resources are, more often than not, limited; and then there’s the the not-so-easy task of establishing a customer base to grow the business.

But the good news is that, from management to marketing to web development; there are people – experts – who can help. There are management and marketing experts, as well, as web development services experts to make any idea a reality.

Think of startup consultants like an OB/GYNs. They help the baby (idea) to be born into the world.

Startup Consultants: Why They are So Important

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  1. Management – First time business owners, especially younger ones, are a repository of bright ideas, fresh outlook, and tech know-how. However, those are not substitutes for managerial experience. Management consultants can provide management advice and practices to companies that don’t have much of it.
  2. Expertise – Choosing consultant from the same industry will guarantee that they have previous experience in the same niche. Not only will they have experience with assisting startups in general; they will also have experience in handling the same issues and challenges you will be facing. The experience these consultants bring to the table will help them develop strategies to overcome these industry-specific challenges.
  3. Assistance – Once the business is off the ground and starting to gain traction; the owner is going to need some extra help. This is why startup consultants are so important. Instead of hiring new employees – who would have to be trained and on boarded – for short projects or projects that are just starting; the consultants can serve as an extra set of hands and help lighten the load; no training necessary.
  4. Honest Feedback – Business owners, like proud parents, are so passionate about their babies that they don’t often see things clearly and objectively. A consultant will be able to provide honest, objective, and professional feedback that can steer the company back in the right direction.
  5. Thorough Market Research – Market research data is crucial in order to understand industry trends, predict customer behavior, and make sound business decisions. Not only will a startup consultant conduct research and interpret data for the company; their wealth of knowledge can provide valuable and bespoke suggestions and solutions based on the data.

How to Pick the Right Consultant

  1. Find external proof of expertise. Read reviews, check out other startups they worked with, and ask for references.
  2. Ask them about their startup. If a consultant has not put up a startup themselves; what qualifies them to inform others? Ask them what happened to their own startups and how challenges were handled.
  3. Tell them about yours. A good consultant will be able to give you insight about your business on the first meeting. This will give you a glimpse of their expertise.