It’s never an easy undertaking to start a business. What is even harder is making your startup in Australia succeed in the long term. To steer your, say Sydney startup to the success ladder, you must endorse a repertoire of digital advertising tactics as highlighted on Some of the digital marketing tactics that can grow your Australian startup are search engine optimisation, email marketing, content marketing and pay-per-click advertising. To totally actualise the power of these marketing strategies, you need the support of digital marketing specialists to ensure your business startup succeeds. At this juncture, let us focus on how digital marketing specialists from Shtudio help start-ups in Sydney.

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1. Website design

Your Australian startup needs a professionally designed website to influence the target audience. In designing a website for your startup, digital specialists at Shtudio will:

  • Define the key purpose of your website.
  • Decide on relevant content for the website.
  • Determine suitable navigational structure.
  • Custom design and develop a website that is both functional, looks great and of course mobile friendly.
  • Test and evaluate the website plus offer ongoing support

2. Search engine optimisation (SEO)

SEO is what gives your website that organic, natural or “free” traffic from search results on Google and other search engines. SEO is one of the metrics that determine the success of your startup. A solid on-page SEO plan leads to more organic traffic for your website. Digital marketing specialists at Shtudio are experts in this field and will provide SEO services for various Sydney based startups, including:

  • Keyword research: deciding the right keywords that will give your startup enough visibility on search engines.
  • Ranking analysis: assessing where your the site appears in the natural rankings for the optimised keywords.
  • Competitor ranking analysis: analysing where your key competitor’s web pages future in natural ranking results for optimised keywords.

3. Social media marketing

How can your startup benefit from social media marketing? First, you must work with a digital specialist who has a significant amount of knowledge about social media platforms. The specialist must also be very conversant with developing strategies that precisely target various social networks. Shtudio will support you in establishing your social media presence by:

  • Building and managing your startup’s social media profiles.
  • Develop appropriate and shareable content that advertises your startup brand.
  • Monitor and initiate meaningful social discussions concerning your startup and competitors using existing customers, leads and new customers.
  • Engage in frequent social campaigns and promotions and monitor their success.
  • Monitor, measure and analyse all social media initiatives to estimate social media return on investment (ROI).

4. Email marketing

This is a simple digital marketing strategy, affordable and customizable which allows you to communicate with the target audience. This is quite effective when your startup is already known to the audience because it has more user accounts than Twitter and Facebook. You need an expert to implement your email campaigns hence guarantee your startup’s email marketing success. Shtudio’s digital marketing specialists will:

  • Organically increase your email list.
  • Manage your email campaigns such as email content and calls-to-action.
  • Measure and analyse results with the aim of converting leads into actual customers.

Your startup requires a lot of investment for it to find its footing. Apart from the digital advertising tactics, you must also think about graphic design, branding and logo design when establishing your startup. Sounds like a lot of work? Actually, it is. But with the right digital specialists on your side, you can manage. Consult the Sydney based digital specialists at Shtudio to get your startup on the right track.