Starting any kind of business is a difficult endeavor; a startup, even more so. Building something from ground up, and one that is has a high failure rate for that matter, takes a lot of courage and even more hard work. Even when entrepreneurs have the best ideas and the best plans, problems arise. Startups in Sydney, just like everywhere else, will experience issues regarding management, finances, recruitment, and operations. The key is anticipating these errors and being ready to deal with them. Here are 7 global startup errors that can be changed now.



  1. Hiring too fast
  2. Under- and over-marketing
  3. Misalignment
  4. Spending too much time networking
  5. Undefined roles
  6. Poor goal setting
  7. Over-customization

7 Global Startup Errors

  1. Hiring too fast – Some startups make the mistake of hiring too fast. This happens a lot after the startup’s first big “break” or just so they could look like a proper business with the manpower number to show for it. They hire employees prematurely to cope with the demand or the pressure to look legit. The problem with hiring too fast, though, is sometimes you are going to end up hiring people who do not fit your company’s culture or share your values at all. This could lead to layoffs and other kinds of business unpleasantness. All these could end up damaging the company’s morale, productivity, and performance.
  2. Under- and over-marketing – Whether it’s traditional advertising or online marketing; a business needs to market its services to reach your target audience and find new clients. A clear marketing strategy through the proper channels is something every startup needs to invest on. However, overspending on fancy marketing materials before you can afford them is a bad idea. Instead, channel your marketing funds to where it really matters and where you will see actual returns.
  3. Misalignment – Too often, in the rush to be different and offer unique value, startups go crazy and add new features or products or services. This lack of focus can be overwhelming and can be detrimental to the company. It is necessary to know exactly what the business’ focus is and which people need to work on what. Every startup needs the right goals and metrics and focus and commitment to ensure sustained growth.
  4. Spending too much time networking – Networking feels productive and it is. You need to talk to people to make professional connections. You need to share stories and lessons with other founders to help you on your journey. However, if you spend more time making connections and talking to people; you lose sight of the people you really need to talk to: your customers. You need to speak more to your prospects to learn about their needs.
  5. Undefined roles – One error some startup make mistaking management for leadership and vice versa. Leaders must not ger caught up in the daily managerial tasks like oversight and control. Leaders inspire and guide the team towards the vision. Leave the managers to do the managing.
  6. Poor goal setting – Anything unplanned is doomed to fail. Short-, medium-, and long-term goals are necessary, especially for startups, because they give companies a direction, keep you on track, and help you make decisions quickly.
  7. Over-customization – You see this in a lot of web development startup companies. Some don’t know how to say no to customers. They say yes to everything. The problem with this is threat of over-promising and under-delivering. While the customer is king and it’s important to provide value; it’s much better to set expectations of what you can and cannot do.

Do it right from the start

Establish a startup is no small feat. Make sure your startup doesn’t fall into the failed pile. Recognize 7 global startup errors that can be changed now and avoid them or put a plan in place to address them and you can ensure success that is sustainable.