We are an extension of your in-house team.

Save time and money with us working alongside your in-house team, to fill in those gaps in graphic design, web development and digital marketing areas.

Ongoing support and maintenance of everything digital

Avoid signing up for another monthly plan, only to find that it's costing too much and the plan only covers the basics. We don't offer plans, instead we work on demand, when needed, and only charge for the time we actually do the work (and not the time we spend trying to figure out how to get something to work again).

We’ve got your back! End-to-end website support and maintenance.

You are a company director, you are busy. You can’t do marketing all on your own, so you hire a marketing assistant.

Your marketing assistant has ideas, but lacks some of the skills. For example, they convince you that your website is outdated. Then they bring in an external company to build you a new one. Or worse, you hire someone full-time. Then you realise that your competitors are all over Google, Facebook and the like, and your marketing assistant hires a team to do your SEO, only to find they probably should have hired someone to do SEM  instead. Or maybe, you just need a full audit to start with.

You need the marketing assistant to manage everything, as you don’t have to do that on your own. Now, do a quick calculation and see what you would be paying in salary for everything above. Do you really need all those people in-house every day?

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  • Magento maintenance and support services
  • WordPress hosting, maintenance, support and security services
  • Custom website maintenance and support services
  • Shopify support and maintenance services
  • Webflow support and maintenance services

Why company owners love and trust us:

  • We charge in 15min increments (none of that 1 hour minimum)
  • We have specialists in Graphic Design, so we won’t have a developer trying to redesign your website
  • We have specialists in Website Development, so you won’t need to pull your hair out after every update
  • We have specialists in Digital Marketing, so that all your hard work get’s seen and ranked by Search Engines
  • Did we mention you don’t have to hire employees for each of the above? Just think about the savings and the fact that we actually know what we are doing
  • We work with your in-house team, whether it’s just you the owner, your marketing assistant or your established digital media team.

Why marketing assistants (and managers) love us:

  • We do all of the work that you don’t want to (can’t) do
  • We make you look really good in front of your management
  • You know those things you’ve always wanted to update but never had the time or skills to do? This is your chance to actually get that done
  • You save your company owners’ money. Just do a quick calculation of how much it would cost to hire people in-house vs working with us
  • You don’t really need to tell your management what we did, and what you did yourself. Make yourself irreplaceable.

Found us on Google?

We obviously know what we are doing when it comes to SEO.

Graphic Design, UX & UI with a difference

Building and communicating your brand to both trusted and potential customers should absolutely be the number one goal of any business plan. The impact your visual identity can have on the growth of your brand is limitless and this is why our graphic design services and production of an engaging and impactful brand identity are key to our marketing strategy. We can help with:

  • Logo design & corporate identity
  • Flyers and brochures
  • Packaging and labeling
  • Web design
  • UX audit and design
  • UI design and redesign

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Web Development and Technical web support

Despite the widespread advent of “do it yourself” and “build your own” web platforms, the finer developmental practices involved in building a website are integral in its success and ability to reach your target audience. We pride ourselves on our ability to develop and effectively manage the most effective processes that support custom systems integration to maximise the performance of your site and minimise any and all costs involved. Let us help you with:

  • Content management systems
  • Online shops
  • Custom system integrations
  • Web hosting and domain names
  • Training and support
  • Ongoing website maintenance and support
  • Hacked or vulnerable website clean up and security upgrade

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Digital Marketing

While design and development are absolutely key to the overall success of your online business – your digital marketing strategy and our expertise in this area are what will make your business rankings and engagement soar! Starting with an in-depth audit of your website and your industry, you’ll get a clear understanding of what to focus on (and what to avoid):

  • SEO – organic website optimisation
  • PPC – contextual advertising
  • SMM – social media marketing
  • Usability audit
  • SEO Audit
  • Content writing

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