Everyone knows the old saying about judging book by covers. Even so, we make quick buying decisions all the time. Truth be told, the appearance of your brand is an indication of your attitude towards business.

A cohesive brand identity communicates a level of professionalism that keeps you above competitors without a compelling personality. At the same time, better attention to detail suggests you provide higher-quality products or services.

Shtudio can show you precisely how to leverage Canva for your business graphics. We take the most relevant features for your business to help you to form a genuine connection with your target audience. Drive higher sales with clean, memorable graphic design supported by Shtudio.

What is Canva?

Canva is an online design suite and publishing tool, accessed via browser or app. It boasts a highly intuitive drag-and-drop interface, which allows beginners and pros alike to make swift progress on the vast library of social media layouts and graphic design templates.

Businesses use Canva for their social media and corporate identity templates. Using professional templates lets you spread the word about your business whilst ensuring your brand appears consistent across all channels. Canva is also great for creating various other display media like posters, backgrounds, brochures and infographics.

Getting the Most out of Canva Design

Canva is an inexpensive yet powerful tool, providing you have a strategy that gets the most out of the service. Teaming up with a top digital marketing agency like Shtudio makes it even easier to translate your brand into a cohesive, visual concept.

We specialise in straightforward, effective promotion of your product or service whilst also strengthening brand image.

How Canva and Shtudio Work Together

Here’s exactly how Canva works when you trust Shtudio to elevate your business:

  1. You bring your Brand Vision

Your brand identity is far more than name and a logo. How you present your business is a reflection of your professionalism. When you come to Shtudio for Canva design services, we start with your vision. We take your concept and build it into a tangible graphic design and marketing strategy.

  1. We show you the Canva Ropes

Canva can be leveraged for all sorts of things, including logos, business cards, social media posts, visual advertising and website design. We calibrate an approach that’s unique to your business philosophy so you perfectly represent your brand. We can create entire campaigns from scratch, or help you to enhance your existing digital presence.

  1. We create Stunning Graphics together

Our experienced designers show you as much of the inner workings of Canva as you please. If you’re new to digital design, we can help you to get started. Our team can create entire graphics for your business and set up templates for easy future use. Once you’re feeling more comfortable with Canva, you can take charge of your image!

  1. Control your Designs at any time

When you work with Shtudio and Canva, you’ll have full control over your corporate identity visuals and social media templates. You are able to download your designs as JPGs, PNGs or GIFs. You can upload directly to social accounts using the Canva share function.

Get in Touch

We understand that new businesses run on tight budgets. Minimize long-term costs by learning how to run your own social media campaign. Shtudio supports you for as long as you need us. Take the reins at any point, armed with beautiful corporate identity and social media templates!