Marketing tools and strategies advance at a dizzying pace. What worked last year may not work again this year or may not work as effectively as it did. And take note that last year was less than 30 days ago. Marketers and SEO optimization services experts may still be still recovering from the end of last year’s marketing campaigns. Nevertheless, there is no time to waste. They must always look forward and onward; thinking about the most useful upcoming SEO trends to get traffic and leads so they can work around them.

Most Useful Upcoming SEO Trends to Get Traffic and Leads

  • Don’t just “Google it.”

Google has become the first point of contact for people who need answers. Nevertheless, there is an increased awareness that other search engines exist. While Google has search dominance, search presence must be established in every other platform that has search functionality. Providers of SEO services must also make sure that sites are optimized to show up practically everywhere people are looking. This includes but not limited to other search engines (Yahoo, Bing, Ecosia, Duck Duck Go), app stores (Android and iOS), video streaming sites, shopping sites, social media sites.

  • Speak up.

The future is Alexa, Google Assistant (whatever its name is) and Siri. So far, there are still more text queries than voice queries. Remember, though, that changes happen so fast. Smartphones are getting smarter, sometimes to a surprising degree. Amazon Echo and Google Home now allow users to interact with web content in incredible ways that make people feel like Tony Stark. As a result, a lot of companies have already started working on voice optimization strategies because it is projected to be a total game changer.

recognition of the voice

  • E-A-T up!

Another trend this year is E-A-T: Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. SEO optimization services providers should understand that creating great content means providing correct, complete, and useful information; and not just publishing content for the sake of publishing content.

  • Snippets? You’ll love it.

What are they? Snippets are text that shows up on top of search results to quickly answer the user’s questions. They have become increasingly present these last few months and as search engines become more advanced and interactive; snippets are projected to become more popular. With their rise comes the fall of websites whose contents are not optimized to appear in the snippets. Because why would anyone scroll down if they already what they need at the top of the page?

  • The machines have risen.

Machine learning will be huge in 2019. Search engine giants have shown people the true capability of machine learning but that’s just a sneak peek. This year, engines are scrambling to push out certain layouts and strive to answer people’s intents before they even ask the questions. To stay in the game, it’s imperative for companies to harness the capabilities of machine learning so they can develop unique SEO content.

Because search engines can do a 360 on their algorithms in a snap. The most useful upcoming SEO trends to get traffic and leads today may not be applicable tomorrow. Anyone not paying attention will get left behind; relegated to the second page of search results and buried in oblivion. Today, keeping pace all day, every day is the name of the game.