Any business who wants to stay relevant and competitive must keep up with the times. Social media marketing or SMM is the way to do it now. Social media platforms have evolved from merely connecting users from all over the world to becoming a powerful tool for marketing products and services.

Many businesses, big and small, have chosen one platform to engage with their target audience. We are talking, of course, of Instagram. It is the second most popular social media platform and is fast becoming a channel to discover new products and services. You, too, can jump in the bandwagon. Here is how you can leverage Instagram for your business.

Why Use Instagram for SMM?

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Today, this phrase holds true. Visual images – photos and videos – generate interest and engagement like no other medium can. Instagram can do both. In addition, there are literally hundreds of millions of Instagram users all over the world; making it a social media treasure trove for leads.

Social Media Market
Taking advantage of these Instagram features gives business owners an edge in advertising and lead generation.

How to Leverage Instagram for Your Business

  1. As with any marketing campaigns, you first need an Instagram strategy – a well-defined plan to posting and marketing.
    1. Outline your objectives. What do you want to accomplish?
    2. Define your target audience. Which users should ideally see your content?
    3. Determine the content that you will share. Your content must match your objective and be relevant and engaging to your target audience.
  2. Experts in SMM in Sydney say that like any website, your social media business page must be optimised to attract relevant traffic.
    1. Your page must include your business name and what you do. It should also show off the personality of the brand. A memorable catchphrase of hashtag is a good idea.
    2. Link in Bio. A clickable link in your Instagram bio is a good way to generate engagement with your business’ website.
    3. Regularly update your Instagram bio to keep drawing interest from existing followers or attract new ones.
  3. Build your account to attract more users.
    1. Post high quality, relevant, and engaging content on your page to build a strong follower base.
    2. Showcase your products and services, feature customers, hold posting contests and giveaways to engage existing followers and gain new ones.
    3. Post on a regular basis.
    4. Make sure your captions are clever and related to the content you are posting.
    5. Use your brand’s hashtag on every post to build your hashtag content.
    6. Most importantly, always engage with your customers by replying to comments, liking their posts or reposting their posts about you, and answering direct messages in a timely manner.
  4. Allocate funds for paid ads in order to extend the reach of your content. This is an integral part of social media marketing strategy, and one that can boost engagement from unlikely sources.

Instagram has become the perfect platform for all kinds of businesses to advertise and generate leads in. It has all the features you need to market your brand – millions of users, a strong brand culture, and an unbeatable visual component. Leverage Instagram for your business to stay relevant and engage your audiences.