There is no denying it. In Australia, and the rest of the world, Google has become synonymous to the Internet. However, there are other players in the search engine market that are worth using, or at the very least, understanding. Let’s take a look at Google vs Bing vs Yahoo in Australia.

Let’s Talk About Sharing

According to the website GlobalStats Statcounter, there are 6 search engines that are currently being used in Australia.

They estimate that:

  • Google dominates the search engine market with 94.45% of the share.
  • Coming in second is Bing with 3.62%.
  • Yahoo, unfortunately, only has 0.7%.
  • The other 3 search engines – DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, and Norton Safe Search – have 1.11%.

Google: No Surprise There

Google is where Australians search for products, get their news, connect with local businesses, and get everything done. 

Web development experts all try to appease the Google overlords in designing and developing websites and its contents. After all, we can call it search engine optimisation all we want but in reality, Google dictates SEO optimisation rules. 

Google has gotten so big that many business leaders and legislators have called to break up this tech giant. Nevertheless, Google has continued to dominate the market, even threatening to pull out of Australia over financial disputes.

While the split did not happen, the move rightfully scared those who work in web development, individual users whose daily lives are tied to Google, many local business who have invested a lot in building their local SEO, and many others.


While Google dominates the market, there are other search engine that are waiting in the wings and could be just as good. Let’s take a look at Google vs Bing vs Yahoo in Australia.


Microsoft’s answer to Google, Bing, is the second most popular search engine in the world. It receives approximately 1.3 billion visits per month.

bing in australiaHere’s what’s cool about Bing.

  • New Tools: Bing is packed with cool new tools like the Explorer Pane which allows you to refine your searches; Quick Previews so you can peek into a webpage before you visit it; and Sentiment Extraction to help you with shopping.
  • Facebook Integration: Some experts argue that when it comes to searching for local businesses, Bing might be the better choice. This is because they have achieved Facebook integration, something Google is yet to do.
  • First Impression: Bing’s homepage is filled with stunning images, something Google and Yahoo lack. Navigation is also super easy.


Yahoo predates Google; however it now only occupies the 4th spot in Australia.

yahoo-australiaHere’s what’s cool about Yahoo:

  • Content in the Results: Yahoo has integrated its content into its search results page, allowing you to see it upfront.
  • In Plain Sight: Shopping-wise, Yahoo allows you to see the product and pricing information right there, helping you make an informed decision in as few clicks as possible.
  • Hassle-free Travel Planning: One of Yahoo’s strengths is Yahoo Travel. Not only do you get alerts to “Getaway Sales” and “Good Deals”; it’s also easy to set your preferences such as price range, right on the search results page.

Google vs Bing vs Yahoo in Australia: Final Thoughts

The point is that each search engine has its merits and its disadvantages. While most people instinctively turn to Google, there are other players in the search engine market that are definitely worth working with.

What does this mean for SEO experts and businesses? It means that a robust SEO optimisation strategy for multiple search engines is an absolute necessity.