Pay attention, business owners! Studies show that 7 out of 10 customers rely on previous customers’ experiences before doing business with a company. Can positive testimonials from previous customers really drive businesses? If so, how does it work? What are the best working strategies to promote your brand by using positive customer reviews?

The Importance of Raving Fans

A raving fan is a company’s best friend, advocate, cheerleader; someone who will narrate a company’s story in its most positive light. And they are as effective a marketer as any ads out there. In fact:

  • 70% of people say that reading a positive review of a local business’ website makes them trust that business. (Source:

  • 90% of people read customer reviews to determine a business’ quality. (Source:

  • 88% of people trust customer reviews as much as recommendations made by personal connections. (Source:

  • People spend more on companies that have excellent reviews on their websites.

Best Working Strategies to Promote Your Brand by Using Positive Customer Reviews

tolls for positive customer reviews

  1. Make it easy for customers to leave a review.

It should be quick and easy for customers to leave a review so it doesn’t feel like a burden to them. Positive reviews are great for attracting new customers and negative ones are great to show current and potential customers that the business may not be perfect but, by golly, they can solve problems. Whether the review is positive or negative – they should be able to do it quickly and with just a few clicks.

  1. Use customer reviews to build a reputation.

By displaying the best, glowing, and unaltered customer reviews prominently on your website; businesses can lure potential customers to buy from them. Another effective strategy is, with the customer’s approval, leaving the customer’s name and photo alongside the comment. It adds authenticity and credibility.

  1. Make raving fans brand ambassadors.

Creating new content will be easy with brand ambassadors. Inviting prominent customers to add content to your blog as guest writers or take over the brand’s social media account for a day is a great idea. They will bring in their own viewers on top, boosting site traffic and show potential customers how innovative and totally awesome the business is.

  1. Stay current.

Check review sites daily or several times a day to make sure no review is left unread and/or unanswered. Respond to reviews, positive or negative, within 24 hours to show customers that the company and its employees care about them.

  1. Use SEO optimization services.

A high rank in search engines is a review in itself. Why? SEO brings a website to the top of search results organically based on many factors including psychology, culture, social media landscape, web design, and development, content, products, etc. This means websites with a higher search ranking usually are the customer-centric businesses and those that provide value.

Getting SEO services can help improve the website’s rankings and attract more traffic and potential customers to a company. SEO optimization services can be added costs but it’s worth it. Think of the cost of SEO services as an important investment.

Obviously, positive reviews can do wonders for a brand and businesses must use this golden opportunity to encourage satisfied customers to share their good experiences online. These best working strategies to promote your brand by using positive customer reviews will help any company gain new customers and inspire loyalty among existing ones.