When you’re just starting out, you might be excused when thinking cheap SEO packages or services are the best option. With an appealing price, they appear to be low-risk and a great way to explore your options. However, they can actually cause more harm than good.

Low budget SEO providers often rely on dodgy techniques, or so called black hat SEO. As these approaches rely on quickly creating high volume, not at all great in the eyes of search engines, they can provide you with short-term gains. Though, you’ll quickly discover that these manipulative SEO methods lead to poor site ranking, leaving you out of pocket and more than a little heartbroken (you may even cry a little).

Why Cheap SEO Will Never Be Cheap


What should I expect from cheap SEO?

Should you expect a dedicated team of specialists that are actually interested in providing a quality service in order to maintain healthy long-term relationships with their clients? Nope!

Cheap SEO services, in Sydney or elsewhere, will only care about a huge intake of customers, taking their money and providing awful results before ultimately leaving you in the dust. The money you’ve then wasted could have actually gone to an effective marketing campaign, but instead you’ll now just be back at square one.

The other red flag is the black hat SEO techniques. For a website owner who isn’t overly experienced with this kind of thing, content mills, buying links or making fake directories may just sound like some of the many legitimate strategies to increase site performance.

They aren’t, though. Cheap SEO techniques violate the guidelines of search engines, including Google. Once they discover your site has been benefitting from sneaky tactics, they’ll kick you to ranking rock-bottom, which could destroy years of hard graft and take just as long to rectify.

How is Good SEO different from bad SEO?

Crooked companies can make more money if they pump lots of clients through the same standard pipeline of low-quality, unreliable SEO… and guess what, they do exactly that! Real SEO takes a long time and a lot of effort, but the benefits are always better long-term, with much higher potential, overall.

How is Good SEO different from bad SEO?

Good – and, yes, more expensive – marketing companies understand that SEO success is as much to do with people as it is machine. A great SEO provider will create a content marketing scheme that focuses on creating valuable content to support your website. Doing so, however, takes quite a lot of research on what your target audience is looking for, while also requiring skilful writers to make it engaging and readable. After all, if no one enjoys it, it’s pointless!

Unlike the cookie-cutter approach of the hustlers, genuine SEO services will conduct a thorough evaluation of your site, a full audit from which a truly custom strategy can be forged. Even if your business is in a highly specific industry, no two companies are the same. Without a specialised plan, cheap SEO providers just can’t understand your needs, meaning you’ll be wasting your time.

As well as this, trusted marketing teams will employ white hat SEO, the good techniques that actually emphasise quality and relevance over sheer numbers. Playing the game fairly does take a little longer, though all of the progress you make is safe and secure. On the other hand, black hat cheating provides a quick boost that will eventually run dry, and with it your website.

Why should I Invest in Good SEO?

Think of it like this. You’ve probably spent a massive amount of energy and resource on your business. Your website is your digital presence that lets people get to know you. Why on earth would you hand that over to a troop of SEO tricksters?

There’s no reason to risk success, especially when we’re always eager for grand ideas and new adventures at Shtudio. We offer a whole host of SEO services in Sydney and across Australia. Get in touch if you’d like to enquire about your own site, or fancy a quick chat about anything SEO.