When starting a company choosing a company name is a crucial step in the process as this is how customers will know them, find them, and see them.

choosing a company name


What You Need To Know When Choosing A Name For A Company

There are a few things to keep in mind when coming up with a company name – these points below will help to create a company name that allows the company to stand out, be remembered and rank high in SEO optimisation.

  1. Making it a No Brainer Increases SEO Ranking.

When coming up with a company name it is important to keep it simple to read, write and pronounce. Although it may be trendy to use common words and mix up the letters or remove vowels, it is not always the best for customers – as they may struggle to spell or pronounce it when searching, this can also affect the chances of ranking high in SEO.

  1. Get Creative!

Although it is important to keep it simple a company must also get creative with it as well. They want something that stands out from their competitors and sticks in people’s minds. A business owner shouldn’t be afraid to make up a new word or even use acronyms – these ones are always fun!

  1. Get Some Feedback Before it’s Official.

Feedback from family, friends or others who are the ideal customer is a great way to see what others think of the company name. The business owner can test it out on them and gauge their understanding and likeness for it. If there are a few different ideas in mind they can ask a group of people and see what name tends to get the most positive feedback, this can help with the decision making!

  1. Make sure you can get the Matching Domain Name to Help your SEO Optimisation.

This one is super important and has a huge effect on the local SEO. If there is a different domain name to the company name it is going to be a lot harder for the customers to find the company and for Google to rank correctly. If the domain name is unavailable for the company name it is suggested to go back to the drawing board and choose a name with an available domain name. Australian based businesses are recommended to purchase the ‘.com’ and ‘.com.au’ domain names.

  1. Ensure the Company Name is Descriptive

When customers read or hear your company name, they need to have a bit of an idea as to what the company does. For example, when you hear The Coffee Club it is going to have something to do with coffee, or Spendless Shoes is a shoe shop with affordable shoes. If the company is wanting to rank for local SEO in Sydney, then Sydney Super Cleaners could be a great name. It states what the company does as well as mentions Sydney for the local SEO.

The Correct Company Name Will Help You Further Your Business

Hopefully the five points above have given a helpful understanding for creating a creative company name that allows great SEO optimisation.