In case you haven’t heard yet, we’ve got some exciting news.

Google has just redesigned Gmail and added a whole bunch of new very cool (and useful) features. You can read more on their blog, but we’ll cover some of the features here.


We switched back to the OLD Gmail. Can’t rely on something this temperamental. We’ve had emails that simply would not send.

The network was fine and when switched back to the old version, everything worked fine. Will try and New Gmail again when it’s more stable.

Why do we care about Gmail?

As wanky as it may sound, it's because Gsuite (Gmail for business) is the best email you can have for your business.

It’s easy to set up, costs very little and has too many benefits to mention. This post is not about why pick Gmail, it’s about the New Gmail.

Before people get confused we need to explain that Gmail and Gsuite is the same thing. Gsuite is for businesses (using instead of and has a bunch of extra features.

Why people even bother with server-based emails that you need to set up on your Outlook with incoming/outgoing server details (that you almost always get wrong or loose) is beyond us. But that aside — read on to learn some of the cool new features in Gmail that you will love.

And by the way, if you do want to try Gsuite, here is a link. We are partnered with them, so talk to us and get a 20% discount on the already low prices.

Try Gmail for Business (for free)

Now you can:

  • Hit the Snooze button to put off emails to read later
  • Get “nudged” by Gmail so you finally reply to that email you forgot about (great for some of our clients)
  • Preview attachments, eg photos or PDFs without actually opening the email

You can even access your Calendar, Tasks and Notes right there in the sidebar. No need to open it in a new window, Gmail makes things so much easier to work with now.

Confidential mode

  • The receiver won’t be able to forward, copy, download or print messages (if you choose the option)
  • The other cool feature is that you can make the message expire after a set period of time (something like Snapchat I guess)
Image from Gmail blog
New Gmail is here

Try new Gmail now

Go to Settings (top right corner of your inbox) and select “Try the new Gmail.”

And did we mention a whole new look (with extra security features)? It’s a little bit more like your mobile app, works like a PWA (progressive web app).

Try Gmail for Business (for free)

How to switch to New Gmail on G suite?

It's a lot more complicated than should be. But here are the instructions directly from Google.

G Suite Administrator Help